Friday, June 27, 2008

Wetsuit Aroma

Well, wake up and smell the wetsuit, it's open water swimming time.

I say this in gest because I have a very scary thing waiting for me at home, and I am NOT looking forward to it. It's worst than track repeats, it's worst than anaerobic threshold work, it's even worse than yoga (wait, I like yoga)... it's my wetsuit, which has been in a plastic bag, outside on my porch WET since Sunday.

I know, I know, I've like committed the cardinal sin or something. I'm usually really good about my gear so I guess you can now see from my love/hate relationship with the wetsuit how I really feel about it since I've treated it like an old shoe this week. I'm sure it bad for the suit, it's definitely going to be bad for me when I finally smell this thing, double bad when I put it on tomorrow (sorry other 2 mile masters swimmers - just pretend you don't know the smelly girl).

It must have been the crazy week. It started off not a busy so I each day (Monday & Tuesday) I kept thinking, "yeah, I'll deal with that tomorrow." The usual process is to hose it out, getting all the little twigs, sand, dirt & gravel out of there, and then leave it to dry on our porch railing. However, by Wednesday my week nights started to pick up like I was on some kind of social calendar and the rain picked up like we must have needed a 100 year flood or something. It has been raining, and raining hard, every day here at LEAST once, usually more since Tuesday. Therefore, no setting the wetsuit out to dry.

So, this morning came, I gave it one last stare down, and then I called my husband (who was home from work today) and begged, and pleaded and promised food and other goodies, if he would just hose that thing out today and find a way to get it dry by tomorrow :)

I'm not sure what ended up happening with it...I'm too afraid to ask. I'm just going to go home and hope he worked a miracle. As I think we can all attest, putting the wetsuit on is not that fun any way you cut it, to put it on stinky, well, that's almost enough to make me think twice even going to the swim tomorrow!!

In other news, it's Friday, Yipppee, and tomorrow I will be racing with my friend Beth, who will be doing the 1 mile swim, and then going for a ride with her which we haven't done in forever!! I have four hours scheduled, so I highly doubt she will hang for the whole time, but I would certainly take a few.

Today was a day off for me from training. However, for the first time EVER, I did an active recovery day on my day off. There were other circumstances that brought me to the gym, so I figured once I was there, I might as well do something (something easy...really, I swear). First I did some easy spinning on the bikes (20 mins) and then I took a yoga/pilates class which was very cool and really seemed to loosen things up after my massage last night (which is less like a massage, more like my guy Keith trying to extract some information from a Tibetan prisoner of war). It's painful! It always helps though.

So, I guess I'll have to let you know about the wetsuit later... If you smell someone in the water tomorrow at Moraine State Park, it's definitely the other guy or gal next to me (I plan on pointing at other people behind their back & waving my hand by my nose...pee eww..don't these people wash their wetsuits!!)

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