Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Speed Bike Outside = Ride like a Rabid Dog

I have a confession to make, sometimes I like to ride on the trainer. Yes, that's right.. my name's Kim, and I use the trainer in the summer.

For those of you who do not know what a trainer is (and there are some out there which is fine - shout out to my Aunt Dena who I heard now reads my blog), it is a metal device that allows you to lock in your back bike skewer and then slide the back wheel against a resistance roller. You use your gears to adjust how hard or easy the resistance is, and therefore, how much effort you have to use. See picture below.

The Trainer.. Hated in the Winter, No Longer Enemy No. 1 in the Summer

Ok, now that we have everyone up to speed (he, he, up to speed, get it!). There was a time when I loathed the trainer. I would say that time was around March when I had been riding it consistently for at least three rides a week since NOVEMBER. After four months of the trainer, yes, I wanted to burn it, kick it, hurt it. I even yelled at it sometimes (ie. "stupid trainer, why do you make me ride you you dumb thing, you're ugly"). However, I have this particular Mark Allen Online Workout that always seemed to work well with the trainer. It is called "speed bike" which involves either a long hard tempo type ride (higher heart rate but still aerobic during base phase) or later in the training block, intervals at bust your gut heart rates and paces. Even though I found it a bit hard to get my heart rate up on the trainer at times, or in spin class, once I was there jamming to the music, I barely noticed the time was passing (except on the gut buster days toward the end).

I even managed to reach a heart rate of 190 once on the trainer..seriously, a feat for me! I thought my heart might just bust out and do a dance right there in front of me! Anyway, last night, for the first time EVER, I did my speed bike on the road, while it was raining. Nothing like going 26 miles an hour on the flats with rain stinging your face like bees, while pushing yourself along side cars going almost the same speed! The road started off decently smooth, but then decided to cut out in certain places and get really bumpy.

I didn't know what I was in for when I started, but I could tell my legs were a bit sorer and tired from the weekend long workouts but I decided to just grit my teeth and bear it when it got a bit tough. As the ride started I really had to work to get up around 150 bpm (beats per min) where my heart rate needed to be. I started pushing hard, and the miles per hour just kept climbing. It was quite the experience trying to stay on the road, while not getting hit, in the rain (steam rising off the road like I was in some movie), while jamming pretty hard. I kept wanting to back off, just for a minute and let the HR drop to below my 10 beat zone, but I didn't (which was good practice for the Olympic Distance race I have coming up on July 20th).

At some points I was holding on to the bike for dear life, as I sped over the rough terrain at 24-27 mph. I think I might have lost a part of my body out there.. left it right there on the road. I grunted and groaned as I encountered hills, but it was a nice change from the fast turnover of the flats. I even had to run up on a car who was just lollying around, looking at the flowers.. I thought "I'm trying to bust a move here people! Let's Go!"

All in all, it was a good workout, and it gave me some practice at going hard while dealing with obstacles and outside factors which is one reason our coaches do say we should do these workouts outside every once in awhile. As for speed bike next week, I think I may go back to my 6am spin class or my good old trainer.

I typed "speed bike" into Google images and this is what I got. What is going on with this guys quads? Real, or not real, I'll let you decide (and if this is what I get from speed biking, I may have to rethink this whole deal).

This morning, it was off to swim where my masters group has been doing MY MAO (Mark Allen Online) Wed. tempo swim workouts which has been awesome. They always comment that they are hard, but good & I think it is becoming a staple in their week. I swam 3700 yards and felt really good (plus I think the swimming helped to loosen up the sore legs not created, but added to, by speed bike last night).

Tonight.. what's on tap you ask? Well, no more workouts for the day (swim & lift this AM), a nice dinner, and into the wild is on tap. I am REALLY going to watch it this time..!

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