Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running in the Dark...

It's a bit like dancing in the dark, except,'s not. I would dance in the dark but I guess the question would be "why?" What does that song even mean? Are there just a bunch of people dancing around in the streets because no one can see how bad of a dancer they are?! Weird.

Anyway, running in the dark is much more fun anyway. On Thursdays I need to be out the door at 5:30-5:40am if I want to make it through my morning routine and still actually make it to work, early. The words WORK and EARLY never really go in the same sentence, except for Thursdays since I try to leave, EARLY. The point being, today I was late, and I left at 5:54, and I thought my running intervals might take me 45 mins, and they took 60 mins. Whoopss!

Luckily this guy is my boss, and he knows a thing or two about training and sports.

Do you know this man? if so, post a comment. I will respond tomorrow.

I ran so fast I felt like I was flying as the sun rose up a warm shade of orange over the trees. It was just amazing beautiful, and I was thankful to be alive and running. It was cool, my legs were fresh, and I covered an amazing amount of ground which I was stoked about. The workout was 1 x 12 mins, 1 x 9 mins, 6 x 1 min, and 6 x 30 seconds with short rests in between. I forgot how much I like running speedwork. It's like going back to your hometown and seeing all your friends.. "Hey! I know you, remember that time when we..." That's me with turnover, which my legs forgot existed since April! I'm not sure why I am doing speedwork, Ironman may not force me to run one mile under 8 mins! O well, I don't question the system. The system works.

Then it was off to the pool where I got to do 2500 yards which honestly, never seemed so short and beautiful in my life. After hitting workouts like 4x200 times 5 as a main set, I am a happy girl when I see 2500 on the schedule.

Other un-important, but important to me notes:

1. I am going to ask for a camera for my birthday. I can see a blog requires this and although Kyle was the designated picture taker in the family over the last three years, I am now stepping up to the plate. Get ready for pictures baby cause you're GETTIN em'

2. Are you familiar with Pittsburghese? If not, people say things like - Down there on the strip, en at. If you can tell me what that means, you are doing better than I am. Or how about this one - I'm going OUT the house (which I have come to gather means I am going out to the house)... wow..

3. I have to buy a bike box. If you have good recommendations, please let me know. I have some ideas, but I would also like to know what NOT to buy if you have feedback on that.

4. Like Beth, I also want to be a stay at home triathlete, if someone else knows how to do that, please let me know. It sounds like fun.

5. I'm trying to decide if I should do another race before Kona. It would still be far enough away that I could do a half on Sept. 7th in Rhode Island, or Sept. 14th in Ohio, and have enough time to recover. For coach, the verdict is still out. Does anyone else have any thoughts? I am thinking practice my nutrition one more time with a real swim in the mix.

I think that covers it for now. One more 3 hr and 45 min ride tonight and I am home free. Non-workout day and TGIF... here we come!

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