Tuesday, August 26, 2008

T-Shirt Contest

No Offense to this Dude, but we can do soooo much better!! Are you with me!!
What is the feather about, is he also great at penmanship??

Flatman brought up a very good point... I need a theme song...

Ok.. so I don't need a theme song.. but I think I need t-shirts made. For others this is no problem, they can be TEAM_______ (insert last name). However, my last name is... well, longer than those spelling bee words they give kids during that national competition. You know, those kids who when they say the word, the kids say "the country of orgin please" and they say "greek" and the kids come up with the spelling of the word "appoggiatura." It's unbelievable.

You get my drift. Kyle couldn't spell his last name until he learned a song to memorize the letters. I sign like a doctor by getting out Sch and pretty much swiggle line it from there.

I can't be TEAM Schwabenbauer. It's just too long. So, if I want to make people wear these awful t-shirts while I race I need another saying, another line. That's where you come in. Let's face it, these people are coming to see me, but they are also there to lay in the Hawaiian sun, drink fruity drinks (or in my husbands case go on an "eight day bender" as he likes to call it, and see the sights. The least I can make them do is wear some stupid t-shirt while I"m out there for 10 plus hours.

So, the T-shirt contest begins today. I need help, I certainly can't come up with this alone. I'm sure many of you are so much more creative than I am... here's your chance. Help me come up with some slogan, some saying, something better than Team Schwabenbauer.

If you've been reading my blog, I guess you know a bit about me so have at it!! Throw your best at me, even your worst!! NAME MY TEAM!! If you name it, I'll promise to make you one as well and send it. How is that.. (I know..real incentive right!). It's cheesy, and I love it. So, ready set... GO!

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