Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Tiny Bathing Suit

The New Tiny Spish
I'm having serious trouble with this whole suit thing. I like to order from and I look for those on "clearance" because frankly, after a month or so, I swim so much they get ruined anyway. You know the deal!

Why must it be so hard to order the right size in these things!! Sometimes I order a small and it's like three sizes too big in one brand, in the next it's two sizes too small. My suit was getting well, more like a see through-hanging off me nastiness so it just had to go (not to mention I just left it in Clarion this weekend - whoops!). My last suit I sent back and this time I ordered a MEDIUM Splish since Bree told me I had to convert to the dark side, or was it just that I should buy a Splish, or something like that.

Point being, I did see a cute one I liked for not much more so I exchanged. I EVEN took time to look at the size chart. It seemed medium would do the trick, so I held my breath and prayed it would arrive soon.

On Tuesday I had nothing to swim in since I left my other nasty suit this weekend. I assessed my options, and swam in my Mark Allen Racing suit. I let people assume I was trying it out or something. Nope, out of options. I thought about my underwear (some of them kind look like a suit) or even my spandex. This seemed like the best way to go.

FINALLY, the Splish showed up today. As I held my breath I got it out of the tiny little white bag. Darn it, this thing looks small again. I tried it on.. still small, but not horrible, afraid to be seen in public, small. I love the print, and I don't have any other options for tomorrow's swim, so I guess I'm keeping it. So, if you are looking for me in Hawaii..I'll be the one wearing a tiny bathing suit trying to swim over the swells of the bay during the week.

In other quick news:

Word on the street is that Mark Allen himself will attending TriGeekapolosa. I'm not getting my hopes up... but it would be pretty neat to meet him. We'll see.

I have been making packing progress. Check this out. I just realized I have about 80% of it done and yet I have not packed one pair of underwear. Humm.. what does this say about me..
I had an ingenious idea to use a pez dispenser for salt tablets on the bike and I was lucky enough to even FIND one (yes, they do exist). Kyle and I had a whole discussion about pez being square and salt tablets being round, but I wasn't convinced. I gave it a shot, but unfortunately, it's a no go (just in case you ever wanted to try).
Reading material for the plane ride to Kona has been identified and is all set - Thanks Marit.

See, I told you more pictures would be coming! I hope everyone else's packing is going well! Almost there!!

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