Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Went Dark..

I needed something.. a change, a new look, a look that didn't resemble the terrible two toned hair I had coming from 2-3 inches off my scalp... so I went dark.

I didn't know just how dark I was going. I guess I left that up to the Taylor. I have to say I am a serial hairdresser user. For some reason I am not one of those people who just stick to one and stay with her for like..the rest of their life. Maybe I should be. What would be the fun in that though. This way is more of a challenge. You walk in, you sit down, you hold your breath and BAM.. you have a new look, a new style, a girl sniffling in her chair because she doesn't look like herself anymore (that only happened once).

This was my second time with Taylor which I thought was a good deal. I found her the first time when the place I was supposed to go to magically disappeared my appointment. Since I had let things go waaaayyy too long in the world of hair (aren't you supposed to get a trim like every 4-5 months???), I needed to get my hair cut, and I needed it to happen YESTERDAY! So, I tried a few places and then there I was, standing outside of Supercuts, needing to make a decision, like pronto. I threw out some pro's and con's, considered the horror stories, and then said "I'm just getting a cut, how bad could it be!" The beauty of it was, once in the waiting area I saw a picture of some girl in a magazine and I loved her hair, it was a combination of a bit darker than mine, but with subtle golden highlights. I don't know where my um... we'll call them GUTS, came from that day, but I told Taylor upon meeting her for the first time that I wanted to look like THAT and I pointed at the picture. She said she could do it, and darn it I believed her!

She really did do a great job that day. It was different, but I liked it. See below for case in point.

So, this time, those highlighted portions were getting out of control. They had been done in early September, it was now December. Plus, it's winter, where would I be highlighted from? We certainly will not be getting any sun here in good old PA for um.. about 5-6 months. I asked for darker again - but this time one color, no highlights. "How dark?" she asked. That was a tough one, I wasn't sure. Using the point and decide method again, I motioned to the darker portion of her hair. She completely understood and even offered to mix two colors together for a "blended" tone to give it some interest. I wasn't sure what all of that meant, but I was in. Little did I know I was coming out a dark/red head. You can only see it in certain light, but it is definitely there.

I'm not unhappy with it, but sometimes I look in the mirror and it scares me since I don't know who that girl is. It seems once you start messing with the color it sort of has to continue since something is always growing out so think about that VERY carefully young ladies as you end up in one of those chairs having to pick a color more often than you think! Either way, it will be the new year soon, and I have new hair and soon will have new training to start. I'm looking forward to starting it... Maybe red heads have more fun. I'll let you know!

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