Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running for Sanity

It's a bit like bowling for dollars, but not quite as lucrative and way more important in my opinion. That's what I've been doing lately. If I couldn't exercise in some way shape or form I'm pretty sure I might loose my mind right now. I'm not sure what that says about me, and I guess I don't particularly care either. I might be able to make it a couple of days, or even a week or two, but right now, I need it more than ever.

This week is my first official maintenance week of Mark Allen Training. I put in the maximum workouts it would let me on the program (14), but I don't want to jump in too quickly, so I've been cutting the workouts a bit short and not worrying about it if I miss something. A creature of habit, that's me. I choose the exact same days to do everything as I did last year.

Monday - Long Swim, lift

Tuesday - Tempo Bike, moderate run

Wednesday - Tempo Swim, easy run, lift

Thursday - Moderate Swim, tempo run, moderate bike

Friday - A big fat day off

Saturday - Long bike, moderate swim, t-run

Sunday - Long run (and maybe a bike)

So, that's the plan. It may have to change depending on what days work best for what here. I just realized since I've been home what a routine I was in last year. I knew everything that would work out well and how I would do it and where. I stretched after the pool workout in the steam room (I LOVED that) and it was a very well put together system with ample support and great facilities. It's no wonder the training was hard, but not nearly as hard as it could have been without.

I talked to coach about the hot pool (the 86 degree pool), and his thoughts were that it's basically like running in 90 degree heat so I need to drink water like it's going out of style. I also need to bring a ice cold towel and wrap it around me between sets. I'm going to give it a shot (towel in the freezer at night, then take it with me in the morning??). Who knows! Anything that will keep my heart rate down so I can actually do a little work while I'm in there would be great.

This morning I ran on two full inches of ice. The few times I woke up I could hear it pelting the window and I knew I was in for trouble. I had to keep one foot off the road in the snow and hope for dear life that the other wouldn't take me a completely different direction. It was probably the worse conditions I have EVER run in and I can't believe we CHOOSE to live here and train in these types of conditions. Marit may have a visitor back sooner than she thinks!!
This is what happens to your footprint when you have to jam your shoe through the snow to get to the road!!

The road where I run by our apartment - treacherous!

A close up - I put my left foot right at the edge as though to try to avoid spillage!

Finally, yes, it is me in the Ad for Mark Allen in triathlete this month. I don't know why they picked me, and the picture was taken by a graphic design artist in the grass outside my office so go figure! It felt very strange to see it in there but hopefully it helps people get to know about the coaching and they seem pleased with it so that's great.

No, you do not need a V8. The Christmas tree didn't make it very far. I convinced Kyle to put it on the porch because so I could still see it. It was pretty when it was upright and covered with snow. Something happened over the last week or so and I haven't bothered to set it back up. Our landlords probably think we are the craziest people ever me riding my trainer all the time making the whomp, whomp, whomp and now this.

Stay warm everyone!!

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