Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Training

Last night was a monster..don't worry, I slayed it.

After an hour and a half of biking, and 50 minutes of tempo running I was toast. For some reason I decided to wear my Capri's instead of my long tights (anticipating the warm weather that is supposedly coming this weekend perhaps?) and I was freezing by the end of the run! It was getting quite dark and I was watching my heart rate but at certain points all I could think about was getting back so I was busting it out a bit more than I should have. The crazy part was my legs felt spectacular actually. It was my overall system that was tired though and I was ready for my day off today.

I have a good feeling about my half marathon in a week or so. I'm excited to see what I can bust out in an all out race. It's been quite awhile (October!) since my last hard effort so I guess I'm ready to race again.

Work today was tough. I tried to concentrate, I gave it all I had, and somehow it still just didn't happen. Try as I might.. I just wasn't in it to win it. That was for sure.

Goals for the weekend:

Swim tomorrow & ride my 2 hrs 30 mins outside

Long run Sunday

Finish my website content

Finish my pictures for everything I will be selling on Ebay so it can get out of the living room!

If I can accomplish all that with a little R & R I will be one happy girl.

I leave you with this video of Jason Maraz. He always makes me smile. It's the live version so it's pretty cool. I needed a little smiling today. Have a great weekend my friends.

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