Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BSLT 70.3 Photos

When you travel to a race yourself, you have to rely on the photographers to snap a good one! They did a nice job and although expensive to purchase, these were pretty good. Unfortunately, I really looked beat at the finish line. I decided not to include that one!

Coming out of the swim - I always close my eyes right as my pic is being snapped!

Wet roads (well, they weren't bad in this one, at least not yet!) speeding around curves on the bike

Doing a little climbing out of the saddle

Mile 6 or so of the run - chugging along looking focused!

I always plan on being one of those athletes who looks like they are having a blast out there, but I just can't smile the whole time. I do smile when I chat with other racers, or see friends and family along the way - I swear! I'm pretty sure I was wearing quite a bit of chocolate gel at this point. I thought it would be waaaayyy worse than this in the photo since I had it all over my hand and then wiped sweat off my face! That's always cool - running with a face covered in gel!

Last night Blue came back to me and I have to say, I was pretty excited to see her. She was all in one piece despite the many miles traveled on a fed-ex truck. Also making me smile, I unpacked her and put her back together in record time (just under 40 minutes). For, me, this is quite a feat. My rear cassette needs to be replaced so I just put the ZIPP wheel back on for now. I don't want to ride it like that though if I can help it - it's no fun buying and mounting a new tubluar tire!

Other than that, I'm doing a lot of chilling, and sleeping, and umm.. eating (whoops..and shopping). When I think about my season lasting until November either way, I realize I have to take a break now if I want to make it that far. Mentally, physically, all the way around I need to take a little rest from swimming, biking, and running (or at least doing it with a schedule). In Vegas I did 0.0 hours of training (I did however do some dancing - does that count?) On Saturday I ran/walked four miles with my Mom - yep, guess who was sore on Sunday!! Amazing how quickly that happens!

Either way, I'm enjoying the time to just do what I want. Tonight - SUSHI with Tamie my workmate! So excited! Bring on our favorite red wine. Don't you just love red wine with sushi!

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