Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Have No Doubt, Someday The Sun Will Come Out...

Finishing up the run at Whirlpool last year

This week has been fairly rainy, and I'm glad to see the sun finally out today! Plus my mood took a turn for the better this week which was much nicer. Having Lissa stay with me was a much needed distraction, and we had tons of fun (oh..and she took that little test too!). She said she doesn't know how it went, but it seems like she's satisfied in knowing she did her best (much like racing I suppose). I'm so happy she's done, and now we sit and wait for the next two months to hear the verdict :)

I decided to show you my week in pictures so here we go... Welcome to my world.

The packing stage I was in last night. It's all finally loaded in the transition bag and I'm ready to rock. I need to go over my list one more time, but I think I've got the basics that I need to race so that is always the most important thing. Who cares if you forgot your toothbrush - KIDDING..just kidding...geezz..

What I was wearing during the packing stage last night! Thank you Mark Allen Online and our great sponsors! I love my new compression socks. I've wanted a pair for....well.. all of my life!

Lissa's "DAY ONE I kicked the bar exam's hiney" special dinner. She wanted sushi..and I said - only the best for a girl who just took an 8 hour exam! We had a great dinner and a wonderful new (CHEAP) red called - Pino Evil (it has three cute little monkeys on the front if you can see that). It was excellent!! Try it!

My new favorite homemade appetizer. I was on a real Brie cheese and cracker kick for awhile. That has now been sidelined, and the new summer summer appetizer is (drum roll plllleeaassee....) Fresh Mozzarella and Organic Local Tomatoes. My mother planted some, and although this is not her tomato (I think we have about two weeks left before hers are ready), this is a locally grown farm market tomato with olive oil and basil on top! So delicious! So easy! So much lycopene!

The flowers above are from Lissa as a thank you for her staying with me all week. It was no trouble at all my friend, but they sure are beautiful. I've been buying myself flowers lately - mostly carnations due to the $. I'm not sure why. It's almost like I've been visiting myself in the hospital or something... Either way, it's nice having fresh flowers around. It just makes me smile. Thank you Lis!

This rockin psychedelic smiley card is from Heidi. She was so thoughtful and wished me luck this weekend. She even made me a great CD to get ready for the race! I absolutely adore it. Thanks girl!

So, with that said, I'm out like a boy scout. Have a great weekend everyone. If you need me, I'll be in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Saturday swimming like a fish, biking like a fiend and running like the wind for 70.3 miles! I sure do love to race! I'm ready - here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to everyone else racing this weekend - three words..Do it up.

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