Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Like Having a Baby...

Why yes it is, my little Ironman newbie..

That's what I said to my friend Janine this week as we were discussing her final Ironman Louisville plans. She was fairly self-coached through the process of training (and used a book training plan I think), but she did like to call me for moral support, to talk over the taper and how she is feeling, nutrition, and race tips. It's been nice for me because I've got to see a little bit of the coaching side (without having all the pressure) and I've really enjoyed watching her progress and talking her through the tough spots.

I don't have nearly enough experience to coach at this point, but you never know some day. It's pretty rewarding and you do almost feel like you're going to do the race too!

So this weekend is it - Ironman Louisville.. all the training, all the sacrifice..and it's finally here..!

I have to do some shout outs because I am so proud of these wonderful friends for taking on the challenge and getting to the starting line (which as we all know is 90% of the battle!).

A HUGE Good Luck goes out to...

Janine S. (it's just a long training day - that's all!)


Matty M.

Chad H. (second time this summer is the charm! Go get it!)

Lauren H.(my Kona com padre last year)

Megan K.(It's her first!!)

Lisa S.

Lisa M.(or the other Lisa as I like to call her)

Jim B.(my Michigan Hero in the 65 to Death category)

Cindy (or young grasshopper as she is affectionately known)

Jim (from my gym - can't remember his last name right now)

Jason B.

I know I'm missing people that I am going to kick myself about later. I'm with you all in spirit and I'll be cheering my butt off for you on Sunday. You've done the work - so now just go out there and have fun! It's your day!!

The temperature is going to be great (not nearly as hot as other years) so that should help.

In other news, on Friday afternoon I'm going to see a real dermatologist and I can't wait to just hear that there hasn't been any permanent damage. I stopped workout out as of Wed. because it seemed to be making it worse again. Needless to say, that has NOT made my mental state more calm! Who knows what to do with their whole morning! There is just hours in there from 6am-8:30 where I have already mowed the grass, did my laundry, cleaned my house and what am I supposed to do now!

I'm hoping I get the go-ahead to get back at it tomorrow.

I've signed up for the Nations Triathlon so that will be on September 13th...what better way to bring the next decade of my life (well, the actually B-day is the 14th but close enough).

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Go IM LOUISVILLERS!!

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