Monday, September 7, 2009

Bikes, Friends and Alpacas!?

Saturday was the day..
The weather was simply gorgeous, the bike was lubed and two friends and I were set up to ride out at 9am. Yes, I was supposed to swim first, but a reception the night before got the best of me, and I stayed out a bit late to be hitting the pool at 7am (sorry to my training partner who was expecting bad).

By the time I pulled into stone field Heidi was all suited up and the pink hotness was shining in all her glory. Blue and I got ourselves together and double checked that I had everything needed for a four hour jaunt through the PA hills. Jocelyn then pulled around the corner and said hello! I knew she and Heidi would get along great and they were like two peas in a pod from the second they met!
Just like clockwork we were ready to roll out by 9:15am. Both of them started giving me some business about not having any more races so not to "kill them" out there. Come on're fast chicas! No problemo!

We chatted it up as women do, and had no problem hanging together as we road out of North Park and headed out toward treesdale. I kept trying to talk both of them into doing my whole four hours but neither of them would budge! Once we hit the 1:10 mark we stopped to take pictures (like I have wanted to do 10 times but ALWAYS forget my camera) of the alpacas (which in case you didn't know are related to the South American Lamas). These guys are cute. Yes, I know they spit, but I didn't get that close mind you.

It was a fun little photo opportunity and I even got all of our head in one picture! I was impressed with myself!

We turned around and I dropped them off at 2:20 and headed out for my last 1:40 solo. I was feeling pretty good so I really pushed my heart rate to the upper aerobic limit for those last miles. I was thankful my legs were co-operating and I was riding on a bright and beautiful sunny day! I had a great ride and was so glad I got to ride with these two great athletes. Thanks so much for making the time pass so quickly!

A quick 30 min t-run and I was so ready to go home and get some lunch. I headed home to see friends and family for Labor day and that was a lot of fun.

It's now Monday and after having a wonderful Birthday dinner (a bit early since I won't be home next weekend) with my Mom. I am so excited about getting my new Garmin for my car (Thank you Mom & Dad - you know how directionally challenged I am!!) It will be wonderful to have some lady telling me where to turn left, turn right - with all the bells and whistles (bluetooth, traffic alert etc. etc.) in new cities while trying to get to all these triathlons! It's going to take me two years just to learn how to use it! It has some high number like 700 something so I'm just going to call it the PIMP Garmin. I can't wait to hear what versions of the women's voice I can get (I think I'm going to choose British).

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Labor day weekend. It was so nice to have this third day. I need that every week!

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