Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go West

Well, the chill is officially here and let me tell you... It's freakin cold.

This week has been insane work-wise, throw in training and it's pretty much a freak show. Even among the craziness, I've still managed to get most of my workouts in and am exceedingly happy about it. I'm not going to lie, it's about all I can do to tackle each week and just swim three to four times, run three times, and bike three times. Forget lifting.. I've been off that horse for about two weeks now. I'm just hoping my functional strength will carry me through! I don't know how people do Ironmans at this time of year living up North. It's going to snow tomorrow and guess who will be on her trainer (most likely) for at least three hours in the afternoon.
Some things must be going right about training though. I'll tell you how I know. I've observed the following:
- I have no skin under my left arm (similar to most of last year) from being in my suit and sports bra for an inordinate amount of time
- All my trashcans that don't have bags (bathroom/office) are filled with gels..not the wrappers - mean gel itself that has leaked out and that I don't have time to clean (anything)
- I'm tired. Not just from lack of sleep (which I have done some of, but mostly I've gotten my 7-8 a night!), but actually physically tired. My arms hurt, my legs ache and I've been fighting to get my heart rate up on limbs that are just plain tired!!
- My car is filled with wrappers, gels and all the equipment to swim, bike or run at a moments notice
- People are remembering that I go to the gym again
- I'm hitting a heart rate of 180 on all of my speed bikes and 190 on all of my speed runs..and it's taking me running myself into the ground, huffing, puffing, snarling to get there.
- I'm running 15 miles without feeling that bad until the last 4, and even then, it's still do-able
- I road with Beth - for 3 and a half hours on Saturday, and didn't die, so something must be going right (oh..and we had a lot of fun..and ate at Subway - yummy!)
Let me tell you some good things about the cold - high boots, corduroy, and cute coats. I really liked my outfit the other day and it was the first time I had put it together (all by myself) so I had Tamie take a picture! I know.. I'm cool.. what can I say. I love my new suede brown boots though.. so freakin cute. Not so freakin cute when you wear them to the mall on Friday night and walk in them for two hours.. then.. NOT so cute!
Pre-mid week long ride I had all this gear on the ground and it couldn't have been over 47 degrees. I was looking at it and really thinking that this was going to my first really chilly ride f the season. I was right (and I forgot my long tights...darn it). My feet were like blocks of ice and I was in complete darkness riding around North Park at 7pm. I mean, couldn't see 5 feet in front of me darkness. I guess I need a bike light.. yeah, yeah Mom.. I'll get one!

This is my "a little sad the cold weather is finally here" face. I know... I'll stop complaining. I finally gave in and turned on my heat last night. It said 50 degrees.. I thought it was time!!

In other news, I'm headed to Denver for the American Dietetic Association's conference for the next 4 days. It should be interesting and fun (plus I need credits to keep my Registered Dietitian status!). I've been chosen as one of five videographers for the week so I will be armed with a pocket cam and my charming personality hoping to make something they can use for next year to promote the conference. The good news is I get to keep the camera so hopefully my blog will be showing some videos once I figure out how to use it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend - happy training! We can do it!! TWO MORE HARD WEEKS.. AHHHHHH!! I can do it!!

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