Monday, October 26, 2009

You've Gotta Believe

1. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.

2. To have confidence or faith in the truth of (a positive assertion, story, etc.); give credence to.

3. To have confidence in the assertions of (a person).

4. To have a conviction that (a person or thing) is, has been, or will be engaged in a given action or involved in a given situation: The fugitive is believed to be headed for the Mexican border.

I like like number 2 the best... More on this later.

So the news is...I'm toast.

My neck is tight, my legs are aching, my arms are throbbing and that could only mean one thing.

I nailed it. Last week, and this week, have been the way I was used to training all last year. I was consistent, I was sleeping (because I was training so dang hard) and I put 150% into ever last workout. I prepared for each one, and I executed to the best of my ability (with just a bit of help -understatement-and encouragement from The Man & my training partners).
I usually take Friday completely off from working out. Not last Friday though. I had missed a swim earlier in the week and I wasn't missing one more swim darn it! So I got up and did my thing.

After a fairly low key Friday night (tomato pie for dinner & then groceries- yes, I am leading the house party, kegger at my place, 007 kind of life these days!), I was at the Wexford YMCA to meet some of my fellow freakshow triathletes at 7:00am.
My Lovley Pool

We even stole some from other areas of the burgh (Matty & Chad), and had a really great swim. I did NOT participate in the insane IM workout they were thanks..I'm about to ride 70 miles after this?!
Chad getting ready to Ride
We hopped on our bikes and were off by 8:50am. It was about 55 degrees and overcast. The roads were wet, but no rain was in the forecast, so we were hoping for a dry day. Let me tell you, these three boys had me working! I managed to keep my heart rate MOSTLY in check and we had some fun cracking jokes and making fun of one another (ok.. I was the one getting made fun of.. but whatever, the only girl, what can you expect).We pulled in at 3 hours and 59 minutes..and 70 miles, just like I thought. My legs were tired, but I wasn't giving up yet. Chad, my fellow Mark Allen Teammate, agreed to run with me so we set off to do loops around the parking lot for about 3 miles or so. I was glad he was there to chat and take my mind off of the fact that it was almost now 2pm and I'd eaten a bunch of bars, gels and drinks so far today! I didn't even opt for the candy bar or coke on the ride like my fellow riders so I could stick with my race day nutrition plan!

Let's just say by the time I hit Eaten Park, I thought I was going to eat my silverware. Our server couldn't bring the chocolate milkshake fast enough, and I devoured a very large chicken & portabella sub with fries in about 10 minutes. Burning somewhere around 2000 calories will do that to you. I'm pretty sure everyone else there thought there was something wrong with me!

It was great day, and I was so thankful to have people still training to swim, ride and run with me! Thanks guys!

The rest of the weekend was just as productive - laundry, making good healthy food for the week and 13 mile run & raking leaves on the most gorgeous Sunday ever.

I took some pictures in the park while I ran on Sunday mid-morning. It is so pretty this time of year. I loved every second of my run which brings me to the title of this blog "You've Gotta Believe."

I remember when it started to happen last year. It was about 4 weeks out from Hawaii and I was on a long run of somewhere between 2.5 & 3 hours. It came out of nowhere, hit me like a ton of bricks, and I started smiling uncontrollable. I knew it, I just knew it in my heart. Without a shadow of a doubt I knew I was going to finish the Ironman. In fact, I started to feel like I might actually do well there if all factors went my way and the stars aligned.

Yesterday, I had it again. I was clipping away at the miles. My legs were tired and sore, and yet my pace was still right on point. The only thing that would send my heart rate over was the visualization of the race where I could see myself biking with power and then running with a strong, smooth stride. It started to well up inside of me...


See that little smudge at the bottom of my running shirt from yesterday. That would be blood from my heart rate monitor rubbing me raw. I guess when they said blood, sweat and tears to achieve your goals - they weren't kidding! It's a powerful thing when it happens. When it does, all you can do is be thankful that you recognized it and hope that you remember it when the going gets tough on race day. It doesn't mean things will go right, or that you will PR or anything else really. It's merely a knowing that you're prepared, ready and that maybe, just maybe, as Lauren said to me last year, I just might "have a day" on November 14th. So, we'll see what happens. The taper is almost here and I can't wait. I can't freakin wait.
My New Pocket Video Camera (see comparison to cell phone for size proportions)- Thanks American Dietetic Association! Look for video's on the blog very soon!

ONE MORE HARD WEEEK. I loved the donation idea to the Hoyts so I'll be taking you up on it! Great thoughts!
Plus it's Halloween this weekend..and I need a costume. Any thoughts?

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