Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Guarantees

My friend Jim and I after I got cleaned up and we went to the awards for a little. He's been a God send. I'm so lucky to have people who care about me!!!

Beyonce and my hospital tag
We had to cut me out of my sports bra and MAO tri top... o well.. guess I won't be wearing that again..

My face says it all...this sucks...

My powerbar tattoo took a beating (along with my body)

I heard Road rash is always in season

Bare with me as I'm hunting and pecking with my left hand. The short version is I didnt get the memo railroad tracks were ahead at mile 52 of the bike. I hit them going too fast and almost recovered but there was another rider right in front of me as I came off of them. I swerved right, but hit a cone dead square. I flew over the front of the bike and broke my clavicle (aka collar bone).

Needless to say I'm sitting in Florida very disappointed but thankful I wasn't hurt worse. There are no guarantees that when we put in the training time that we will get to see the fruits of our labor. I'm so proud of my friends who did so well here. They really made me smile last night at the awards. So 4-6 weeks of healing and hopefully no surgery--tbd.

Here are some after hospital/ambulance ride pics above.
Thanks for all your well-wishes in advance. I'm so bummed I didn't get to see what happened on the run, but there is always next season right. For now, I'm going to figure out how to do everything with my left hand for awhile. That should be a blast. I did get to see so many cool people down here! - ElF, Jen H, Chad, Jen his wife, Beth, Oscar, Mary E. everyone! And met some new friends!!
So, it was worth it!!

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