Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Spooky Halloween Fun!

I talked up my costume enough on the blog that hopefully you can figure out who I'm supposed to be! I found this other image on the web and I didn't have any gold hair jewelry, but other than that, I was pretty happy with it (for 20.00 at Target!)! No one offered to carry me around, or be my slave, but I still had a pretty fun night with plenty of other characters.

My Mom made me pose in front of this fake tree. Yes, I am 30, and yes, when my Mom says "stand over there by that tree", I still do it! We found Mr. Reno 911 and I think he nailed it.. see above for a comparison!

The Ref, The Polly Girl and Cleo were out having fun and calling fouls, serving drinks and bossing people around (isn't that what Cleopatra did?!).

We found another cop so we ditched Reno and hung out with her instead.. much cuter!

Finally, in case you were wondering what a close up of my arm-pit looks like, here you go. Enjoy! Hope everyone had a good & safe Halloween. It's taper time! The training went great this weekend and I'm excited. We're almost there!!

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