Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stick a Fork In Me & Girls On The Run

I'm done.. I'm sooooo freakin done. I couldn't be more done if I tried.

This has been THE WORST work week EVER. I have never experienced the long hours, the crazy mind-frying experience that I'm sure some of you take on every week. I'm lucky enough to have a job I really like with some pretty great people with whom I work (most of the time). Not this week though, I've been fighting fires in Chicago and trying writing pieces all day which have me totally brain dead. I'm pretty sure I only have about two cells left and even those poor guys are raising the white flags and keeling over. I'll explain more next week if we end up getting our rebuttal letter to the editor in the tribune. We'll see. This thing has been kicking my hiney since last Thursday, and I'm so sick of it I could PUKE.

Speaking of puke (which is something I think I've never used to start a sentence before!), I was 800 into my 2000 swim on Wednesday after a VERY long day of workouts and work and wouldn't you know it, some kid couldn't hold his cookies. I was SO close to putting in almost four hours that day but nope, everybody out of the pool. I said "sianara" to that workout, as I wasn't sticking around for another 30 minutes to see if I could get back in.

On Tuesday I did a track workout and I was really really trying to talk myself out of going outside considering it was already dark at 5:10pm when I left the office. Then, I gave myself a little lecture about this being the last week or so, I put on the big girl pants, and got my butt out there.
It was dark...

Then it was darker...

Then I ran till I felt a little like puking myself.

Finally my Pink Newtons and I saw the Finish Line and it was good. I said I'd be seeing that word again soon, preferably while running and not crawling, in about 7 days.

On another wayyy better note, last year I was blessed to participate in a great event that was so fun and special.

This is a little blurb about the Girls On The Run program:

Girls on the Run® is a life-changing, experiential learning programs for girls age eight to thirteen years old. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development.

This program exists in multiple cities, so check out the website and see if you might have a way to participate in your own home town. The annual girls on the run 5k will be here in Pittsburgh in December and it's a great way to get involved, show your support for this amazing program and have a ton of fun being paired with a young girl to support her first 5k EVER! It's so cool, trust me you'll have a blast. If you're in Pittsburgh come out and join us for this great event!

It’s that time of year! Time to get out your jingle bells and ear warmers, and join us as a buddy runner while the fall girls on the run complete their end-of season 5K!
The Arthritis Jingle Bell Run is December 12th at 9:30am and will be held on the North Shore this year. So if you would like to share in the amazing accomplishments of over 100 Girls on the Run, please read the details below….

Be There With Bells On! Be a Buddy Runner on December 12th, and witness the accomplishments of over 100 Girls on the Run!

Who: Buddy Runners are adults who will run with, encourage, and help keep an eye on one to three Girls on the Run runners while they complete their end of season 5K. (Must be able to complete a 5K)

When: Saturday, December 12th - 9:30am

Where: Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run @ Heinz Field, North Shore

What: Please register yourself for the Jingle Bell Run,, and then email Andrea at to confirm your registration and to be added to the list. Specific information will be emailed closer to the date of the event.
Please put on your Santa hat and come out to join us in supporting a great cause or donate through the website! I'll be there with bells on :)

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