Friday, December 11, 2009

San Diego Here I Come!

As of Monday, I'm hoping to get a little more of this..

and not so much of this..

Our meetings next week will take place in San Diego and I'm worried about one little, itty thing.. (Mom...hide your eyes) - my ability to be right on the beach and not run on it.

I have quite a bit of self restraint in some cases (not using the last of the milk without throwing out the container, not eating someone else's food etc.) Some things (chocolate, what the heck - dessert in general, wine, shopping, did I mention wine?), not so much. However, this isn't one of my strong suits when I know I will not have anything as beautiful to look at while running all winter in PA, nor will I be able to wear a pair of Capri tights and a long sleeved t-shirt as my only garments.

I say a prayer.

"Oh Lord, please help me to not be stubborn and do what my Doctor says just for three measly more weeks. It's not that long and being good may save me weeks of frustration and a few choice words in the end. Amen"

We'll see. I can only hope I can make it happen. I need to go to the gym, and see what workout equipment is available and get my fix there before going outside and SITTING, like a good girl.

Well, there are THREE wonderful things to look forward to and that would be seeing Marit at the beginning of the week, my Dad, and my friend Gary, at the end. If you are part of the San Diego Tri Club, I think Gary and I are going to hit up the showing of the Hawaii IM World Championship on Friday night so say hello to a newcomer if you see me!

Marit and I in SD - January 2009

Gary and I at Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 - June 2009

I've been hearing a lot about everyones' training and it makes me partly jealous, and partly happy that I slept in until 7:45am today...ahh.. to roll over at 6:30 when your alarm goes off and just snuggle back in.. Remind me I said that I was jealous in like March ok?!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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