Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Muscle Team Event for Muscular Dystrophy & Girls Ride!

Ty was nice enough to invite Jocelyn and I to the Muscle Team event that raises money for Muscular Dystrophy last Thursday night at Heinz Field. It was a wonderful evening were top professional athletes are paired with an MDA Goodwill Ambassador and an auction is used to raise funds for MD. Ryan is one of the older members and enjoys being an ambassador for the rest of the kids.
Joceyln and I hung with one of the coolest guys at the event, of course, Ryan!
There were many top-notch athletes hanging around, including James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a great guy and it was nice to see so many athletes stepping up and helping these kids fell good about themselves and really welcome!
I put on the ballon helmet James was wearing around just to see if I could scare anyone into thinking I was one of the players.. I ended up scaring myself! Whoops!
Then I found this hat, and snickered at the thought of me pulling someone over (which had only happened to me hours before for not having my current inspection sticker on my windshield...ooppss!)
Getting my picture taken with the ice sculpture of the Burgh...
Plenty of items were for auction, I enjoyed looking, but didn't really have the $$$ to bid!
Ryan spoke about the amazing camp he attend for kids with MD in the summer and how fun it is for them to be together and not feel at all "different" than anyone else. I need to go up and volunteer this summer. Ryan did a wonderful job.. pretty much brought me to tears!

You can view the video of Ryan Speaking (among other videos from the night) at my ustream account here!
Another young girl with M.D. Sometimes I feel bad about my workouts not going right, or not getting enough sleep/having the time to do everything I want to do in a day. All I had to do was look around and see the joy these kids have despite knowing they do have an illness that will impact them for the rest of their lives. It truly gave me perspective and I was so thankful to even be there to support Ryan, the Ballou Family, represent Ballou Skies and see so much good happen in just one night! These kids spirits were simply exceptional.. they inspired me to want to not be so grouchy sometimes! It was a great night among friends..

Then, on Saturday, it was girl power ride time!!
Jen, Me, Lisa, Heidi and Jocelyn set out for a 3000 yard swim, and then a 3hr 30 minute ride! We are the rainbow, we are the world, we are the children!
Don't ask how I got this picture..
Heidi was shiny happy people!
I was so excited to be out! The weather was gorgeous and it was just an awesome day to be riding my bike!!
We had so much fun, and really took advantage of the first day of spring!! Here's to good friend and great riding!!

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