Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week / Weekend FUN!!

Thursday of last week brought one of my favorite things with it, talking to Kids about Nutrition/Whole Grains/Goal Setting and Triathlon. My friend, and fellow Dietitian for the Altoona area school district asked me to come in and be a "wellness speaker" so I was happy to oblige. It was a very fun day that involved lots of movies, stories and questions from the kids. I had about 300 k-3rd graders in the room. So, when they weren't picking their noses, or poking their neighbors, they were actually pretty good.

They asked plenty of good questions, including things like "what place were you in after the swim was over?" Well kids, not sure. I think I made up a number, like 346th. You have to love them for their little wheels turning and all and all, after a big "GOOD LUCK KIM" for my next race, I was beaming ear to ear. I gave a high five to just about every little hand in that room as they left, and I think my fingers have yet to recover. It was a great day and I was so thankful Danielle asked me to participate.
Of course, having the bike with me is always a crowd pleaser. These guys look like they might actually be learning something :)
Of course, helmet always goes on before we get on the bike! Bike safety is a must my little triathletes in training!
Earlier in the week I was committed to doing the half marathon on Saturday at the "Just a Short Run" in North Park. However, after much thought, I decided that running a 5k would allow me to work on some speed AND not ruin my legs for the next three days so I could get my longer training day in on Saturday/Sunday. It was a good move, and Heidi and I had some decent races for how cold it was (probably 30 degrees!). We were happy it was.. um.. painful, yet over quickly!
A portion of the Ballou Skies Run Team (minus Steve - who, got lost in the crowd somewhere!), was out in full effect. I made my own t-shirt just for the event. It was a great day to go out and race hard. Ty, Kevin and Ryder ran the half marathon relay in a smokin time of 1:40!! Way to go guys!!
Then it was time to long ride with the girls. Did I mention that it was freezing. We decided not to let that stop us, and just dress up like we were going to the Arctic to get out there! It's hard to go back inside once you've been outside, so there was no turning back. We had somewhere between 3.0 - 4.0 hours planned, but I wasn't sure how my legs would fare. Luckily, they still had some juice and I was able make it most of the way. We had fun as always, and tried not to focus on the cold toes / hands / everything.
Heidi Rocked the "Purple Ski Socks Made Into Toe Covers" Look!
Jocelyn got her picture taken mid-sentence, which she might not be happy about.. whoops!
I took my own self portrait as usual and I don't understand why my mouth is ALWAYS open in these shots.. really Kim, what are you doing?!
This person let us know how they feel about Casinos, and clearly, WINNERS do not go to them. Good times, Good times.

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