Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running Down A Dream...

This is not the nightstand of someone who is feeling great.. Over the weekend I started to get a "tinge" of a sore throat and I ended up skipping a workout or so. I slept, started drinking so much water and really tried to ward it off. In the end, it got me just in time for me to leave on my flight tomorrow at the crack of dawn!!

My Mother (or Donna Wana as I call her) will be coming to my house tonight to accompany me on the trip to St. Croix! I'm thankful she will be there to provide moral support, sherpa and hang out.
The Splish Suit came today in all of it's glory! Ballou Skies is represented on the front and my other sponsors (Powerbar, Fuel Your Passion, Super Donut & Top Gear) on the back! I love it! Thanks to Dawn at Splish for making this a rush job and getting it all done! The bottoms are T-I-N-Y.. I thought I was a small, but I guess my hiney is medium. O well! Too late now! I'm sporting it on Sunday for all 70.3 miles!!

I just want to say thank you in advance for all the support I've received leading up to the race. I really appreciate it so much and I couldn't do half of what I do without my family, friends, co-workers, team and even people praying and helping me that I don't even know! If I get over this sickness, or not, either way, I'm going to put 100% into Sunday because I love to race and regardless, it's a privledge, and an honor to be able to represent a cause like Ballou Skies and race among some of the best athletes in the country. I couldn't be more excited to get another chance to be out there in the thick of it seeing how things unfold and testing myself!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sport and more importantly, all the people in it.
This is how the season started. I only ask that you please say a quick prayer that maybe I can get healthy before Sunday, but even if I don't, that the other athletes and I have a safe and fun race where I get to CROSS A FINISH LINE!!! That would just be great. If that happens, it will be a step in the right direction.

Good Luck to all those racing at St. George (you know who you are) and my fellow St. Croixers! Stay posted!! Follow me on Sunday at - use the athlete tracker to put in my name!!

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