Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Tearful, but Happy Goodbye Among Other Things!

Some really good things have been happening lately and I'm completely stoked about it.

1. Training Update

Let's start with training, it didn't happen last weekend in its normal capacity (more on why in a minute), and I'm fine with that. I couldn't get my longish ride in like I wanted, but I didn't really stress. At this point, it's about getting most of the workouts in but nothing is going to make or break the upcoming race.

Other than that, training has been going well and I'm really excited to taper. Thank heavens it starts next week or I would be totally beside myself. My legs are ready for a bit of a break. Swimming is going REALLY well, and running is also coming along. I'm completely amazed at how much my aerobic heart rate is improving and from the beginning of January until now I've brought my mile time down by almost a full minute still staying under a heart rate of 160. So, that's really cool.

2. USAT Triathlon Clinic in Baltimore Maryland

Last weekend I attending the USAT Level One coaching certification down in Baltimore, Maryland and it was such an amazing experience. If you put 40 highly motivated individuals with type A personalities in a room I would expect nothing less. I learned some amazing things from some of the top coaches in the world. Some challenged me and my thought process, some inspired me, and mostly it just made me feel like I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that very minute. It was just plain awesome and I loved every second of it. Now, its time to take my test and become an official coach. I can't wait! I also stayed with two very fun ladies who were great roommates and wonderful people. We had a blast all weekend and of course did some training, eating and laughing. Hence, not getting my long bike in (only 2.5 hours) during a weekend that demanded 8-4pm on Friday, 8-4pm on Saturday and then 8-12:30 on Sunday. I was exhausted at the end, but really happy I did it. There are only 1700 certified coaches in the country. I plan on being the absolute best I can be at this new endeavor.

3. Goodbye Heidi

This week marked the beginning of the end of Heidi's time here in PA. She's finished up her doctorate in PT and ready to move to the next phase of her life with her hubby. I couldn't be more happy for her to continue in her journey and pursue her dreams. With that said, she's become a friend that is so close to me and I have really gotten to know her over these last three years. She's inspired me, challenged me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me laugh so hard I cried, shared my dreams, and just been there for me when I really needed someone. Heidi I will miss you soooo much and I know you're going to be the best PT ever down in New Orleans. I'm proud of you for finishing you degree and most of all for getting back into the sport after such a devastating accident last year. You make me want to be a better athlete and person and I promise we will keep in touch!! We had a little goodbye dinner for her at one of my favorite local restaurants complete with boxed wine and presents! So fun!
Jocelyn and I rode before. We had to laugh because our outfits just keep getting weirder and weirder. I end up throwing all this stuff in my bag and depending on the weather, just keep layering it on! Sometimes it comes out kind of funky and cool, sometimes not! This was Jos in a colorful array of pastels!
This is a scary face along with some classiness with the boxed wine! Hey, it's BYOB! This is what I buy for economic purposes!
I got Heidi some herbs to make her own little herb garden in NOLA! I hope her green thumb is better than mine!
Jocelyn provided some great training/laying socks!
There was a great thought by Jocelyn to get a "car clean up" kit with all the things we need as women to get ready in a hurry. There were wipes, and sprays and all kinds of goodies! I need one of those!
Then there were the panties. Due to both Jocelyn and I's affinity for Target, we ended up there at separate times with no discussion of what exactly we would buy. We just knew we would find it there. The end of dinner comes and after a few glasses Jos pulls out these! She just couldn't help herself because they were 75 cents! Just where can you find panties for 75 CENTS! Target I tell you!! So, she had to get them, but then she had second thoughts because isn't buying underwear for another girl weird.. we decided it was totally fine.
The panties gift to H.
We snapped a quick pic and that was it. I cried a little at our goodbye, but I know it's only the beginning of a new chapter!

4. New Orleans 70.3

I have THREE very close friends racing which include two of my teammates for Ballou Skies - Jeremy and Joceyln AND Heidi this upcoming weekend! I can't wait to see them race and I just know they are going to do so well! Thinking of you all as you prepare and praying for a safe and kick butt experience.

5. Aruba

Well, we've done it again. My company has been gracious enough to want to hold there meeting in Aruba in honor of my boss's Birthday (Franco's turning 60! - well, he did turn and now we're celebrating). I'm very lucky to get to work hard play hard and I can't think of any other way to do it than in Aruba. My very good friend Janine will be going with me and I love her to death. I'll be doing my heat acclimatization by running at noon-one when possible so I can get ready for St. Croix, as well as, an occasional lay out by the beach and training for the post race party with pina colatas etc. No one will ever accuse me of not being prepared for all aspects!

6. New Coaching

One of the presentations had me so excited this past weekend that I wanted to jump out of my chair. I met a man wearing cowboy boots, wrangler jeans and a cowboy hat during our second day. He didn't look much like a typical "coach" but he sure did have the qualifications to prove he had it down! His background is coaching the under 23 national team to become the ITU champions we know and love, but he also had a few great age groupers and pro's that he was working with and I just really loved his style.

I asked sheepishly if he was taking on new athletes at this time and he suggested dinner to mull it over and see if it was a good fit. After an hour of talking, a few beers and some really great ideas we decided it was on like donkey
kong. We shook on it, and it's a done deal. The name of his company is Vanguard Triathlon and his name is Coach Justin Trolle! I couldn't be more excited to work with someone on the second half of this season. After I get back from St. Croix there will be video analysis and all other kinds of cool things. Plus I hvae to get my hands on that lactic acid threshold curve!

SO, that's the story morning glory!

I hope everyones' training is going well. I'm so thankful for my health, and friends and a little excitement in my life. I'm looking forward to sun, and sand and a few days to lay around before meetings start next week. Have a good-en!

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