Monday, June 14, 2010

Ballou Skies Two Mile Walk & WHO WANTS PEANUT BUTTER

The heavy training is in full effect, and let me say, I felt that 5k I did on Saturday for the REST of the week! My quads just never recovered fully, so I'm looking forward a day when the taper finally arrives. I hear it might be from Friday 6/18 on.. so needless to say, I'm ready!!

This Saturday brought some really high temps (which are great prep for Buffalo Springs!) and the Ballou Skies walk at 9:00am in Robinson Center. We had about 100 walkers donning Ballou Skies gear and lots of smiles because it was a great day to do something good.
Right from the beginning I was so happy to be there. Obviously, I knew a lot of the people attending, but it was just awesome to see everyone coming together to walk for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Many walkers just registered the day of the walk, and there were people everywhere!
The ballon making guy - who doesn't love this guy - he makes EVERYONE happy :)
Ty got up on the firetruck to say a few words about Ryan, his fight to find a cure for MD, and our guest appearance of the day Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback.
Charlie is one amazing guy. Ty met him ON a flight when he just happened to be sitting next to him and Charlie was on his way to ANOTHER charity event about a month or so ago. Ty asked him to come to the Ballou Skies walk after telling him about Ryan and Charlie agreed to come right then an there. Later that day, he was hopping on a plane to another charity event down in Tampa. This guy gets around!

We had a great time, and walked (which I um, never really do much of, and you know what, it was nice) for MD.
Two circles around the parking lot and Merett and Ryan were right there with us showing us how it was done. Merett had her new little baby, Robert, to push around so she was doing double the load!
Charlie posed with Ryder & Ryan Ballou at the finish
The whole Ballou Family - Ryder, Robert, Merett, Ryan, Alley & Ty with Charlie
A few people asked for my autograph, but I told them go ahead and get Charlie's instead.. he seemed appreciative (lol)
Hanging out with with my friend Ryan.. the sun was bright. I couldn't see a dang thing in this picture!
Charlie's wife was so sweet. They have their own foundation for youth in disadvantaged areas to play basketball in the summer. It's called The Best Of Batch Foundation. Very cool people with big hearts!

Thanks so much to both of them, and everyone else, who came out and supported us at the walk that day!! So fun!!

With that said, it's time to have a little fun!

We need some more friends on our Facebook cause page. I bet Ty I could get more than 300, and he said I'm on!

SOOOO here's the deal, the first ten people who get at least 30 of their friends to sign up to be our friends on Facebook, and email me at, will receive a fabulous prize package directly from yours truely. It will contain a jar of delicious natural Ballou Skies Peanut Butter

Exhibit A.

A Ballou Skies Bracelet

AND a new workout CD made by me!!

So, please, please, please.. send out those requests, call your friends and harass them, and do whatever it takes. The second you can confirm that 30 people have signed up to befriend our cause, email me with your name, address, and the names of your friends that signed up!! The first ten people who do it.. you'll get this lovely prize package and even more so, the knowledge that you've done your part in helping us create a network for MD. I know I can get 300 this week!! I'm not backing down until we reach it. By my calculations, that means 844 by the end of the week.

Here we go! Thanks guys!! Can't wait to see if this actually works!

In other quick news - Congrats to Jeremy Corman who qualified for Kona this past weekend at Eagleman!! Go Jeremy!!

On Saturday night it was time for my Cousin's reception which was very laid back. It involved lawn games and sparklers, so who can't be a fan of something like that! Grace looked beautiful, and so happy, so that was a blessing.
I caught up with family and saw my Mom. It's very sad in some ways that she'll be leaving for Florida soon to her new house. I'm going to miss her soooo much.

I grew up with my cousins, and now they all have children (well most do) so there's a whole new batch of little ones running around playing together. It reminds me of us when we were little. We all told stories and laughed. It was a blast.

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