Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pedal To The Medal - SkirtChaser 5K!!!!

On Saturday coach was nice enough to let me switch my training days to do theSkirtchaser 5K. The race is set up by Nicole Deboom, and her company SkirtSports to assist women like myself in not only kicking butt in the athletic arena, but to look like a million bucks while doing it! I was so excited when I found out this race was coming to town! Not only were a ton of my friends involved, but the proceeds also benefited Girls On The Run, so a great race & a great cause - I'm IN! When we arrived, it was raining slightly. Within minutes of getting my chip and looking around the booths, it was POURING. I felt terrible that the weather wasn't holding out for this fun evening.
So we headed back to the car, and chilled out as the race was postponed by an extra 15 minutes.

Finally, it cleared up slightly, and my SOAKED Newtons & I were ready to race! My goal was top three women, and to put in a really hard run despite my legs feeling a long week of training! My very good friend and training partner Rich was nice enough to WEAR his skirt with the rest of the stylin ladies. What a guy! I donned braids and my BallouSkieshomemade tank (and of course, my skirt!)!
The ladies lined up, and three minutes later, the men would attempt to "chase" us down to win the cash (for places 1-2-3). I really thought number 400 was my competition. Usually I can pick them out long before we line up. I had a little surprise coming my way though! Could you tell I meant business!!

And we're off!! No one mentioned that the majority of this race was UPHILL. I don't just mean like a little uphill, like the entire first mile after a 100 meter downhill, was up, up and more up. I kept turning the corner thinking.. comeon... downhill! Nope, more uphill. My legs were burning, my calfs were burning! I won't even talk about my hiney! It was really burning! I just kept toughing it out. I was leading but I could hear footsteps behind me the entire time and breathing so I knew they were right there. We all wanted this race BAD, and it showed!
About mile two a women passed me on a slight downhill, and I tried not to let her gap me. I stayed with her for few minutes, but she was just stronger (or more tapered, who knows!). Either way, I kept thinking, darn it! She's not wearing a skirt! She can't win!!

Although she turned around several times to make sure me (or the men) weren't coming, I just couldn't bridge it and I was giving it every last thing I had! She took home the win and I came in second.

Later I found out this amazing women has been to the Olympic Marathon Trial TWICE, and even won fourth in the Pittsburgh Marathon.. Ok...she's pretty darn awesome. Hope I'm still racing like this in ten years!
I'm airborn and so happy to be done. I haven't felt that close to loosing my lunch in awhile, and because this race was at 5:00pm, I almost did have a bad incident, but I held it together!
Whooo... made it!
Afterward I showed off my speckled back!
Chad and Jen volunteered to hand out burritos - the best post race food ever!!
Kyle was on hand to be a great support even despite the rain. Thanks K.
We headed up on stage and I was happy to just be part of such an awesome event. There was a fashion show, a band, and just a great group of women (and a few men) supporting good clothes and a great cause.
Jason, my fellow BSLT 70.3 racing partner and friend, came out to race hard (second man overall) and partake in the festivities!
The band was rockin, and we did some dancing. I'm not sure what that move is that I'm doing with that particular move, but it's definitely cool..let's be honest :)

I'm pretty sure Price's "KISS" was playing in the shot below, or else we are just having a LOT of fun!

What a great night! I felt so lucky to come out and see everyone! Thanks to all thevolunteers who made it possible and please Nicole, come back to Pittsburgh, I promise it doesn't rain EVERY Saturday (just most :)!

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