Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have Newtons, Will Run

Racing, Racing, Racing!! That's all you ever think about.. you get all the attention!


I wanted to start that post this way because it is a throwback to the Brady Bunch (ie Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!) and you're darn right that is all I think about right now! There is TONS of racing going on all around me!! Lake Placid is a biggie. There are so many darn people that I know doing this race that Sunday is going to have to be wake up, run, check the status, church, check the stats, eat, check the stats (and so on until at least 14 hours has passed!). I've never been to that race, but I hear it's amazing and I'm especially rooting for my Ballou Skies Teammates Jeremy & Jocelyn.
Jocelyn, Jeremy & I at Ryan Ballou's Birthday Party!

They are two of the most amazing people and really talented athletes. Jos and I have had some heart to hearts over the last days, and I know she's ready...I've never wanted anyone to do well so badly in my LIFE so I hope this is "the one!" for her!!

I was ready to do a long run after our final beginner clinic on Sunday night. We had a great time going over the courses for the sprint triathlons they will be doing next month, and now the little chickens must leave the nest.. or whatever they say about that stuff!

When I started running I felt pretty good, so I decided I might go 10 or so.. then the knees started hurting, and the ankles weren't far behind. I KNEW I needed new shoes for awhile but I was having a really really hard time feeling like I could fork over the cash for a new pair of Newtons. Luckily, on the Mark Allen Team those were covered, but this is a new year, new team for charity and buying my own shoes time! Shoes should be replaced at about 350 miles at the latest and you don't even want to KNOW how many were on this pair! Trust me!

Do I want to stay healthy - YES! So, I went up to my new favorite running store - Second Sole and RD hooked me up with an AWESOME bright brand spanking new pair of Newtons (well, that I paid for of course!). Then, I made him take some pictures.. which is.. well, what I do to torture all my friends and even acquaintances..
NEW orange Newtons and my leg looks HUGE in this picture.. Must be the angle right??! :)
This is the picture where RD is asking if he should take his shirt off since this is going public.. I think the other customers in the store might have thought that was a little strange. I told him maybe next time..
Then I asked him if he would wear a Ballou Skies bracelet to represent and he said YES! So I gave him one. He even said he would sell them at the store for a dollar (just realized my finger is in the corner of this picture pointing.. too funny!).

Please, please, please join the cause if you are on Facebook. I promised a very special friend named Ryan Ballou that I would get at least a 1000 people to join this year because I have the BEST people ever that read my ranting on the blog. We are slowly making our way there, but I need your help! If you're on Facebook - JUST DO IT!

Thanks!! Hope everyone's week is going well! I'm back to training a little and loving it.. To all my lake placid friends - GOOD LUCK! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

Now.. if I could only learn how to Salsa?? Do they actually do that in Mexico??

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