Friday, August 20, 2010

Tri Like A Girl

This weekend I'll be doing the Aflac Irongirl Sprint Tri down in Elicott City, MD (where Columbia is held in late May) and I am so excited about it!

In honor of my first ever all women's triathlon, I had to search the words "GIRL POWER" under images in google. Most of the images that came up are pretty non-pornographic, so that was good. I like to keep this a G-rated blog. These were a few of my favorites!

I have to say, I think it will be really cool to be racing along side only women out there on the course! I have nothing against racing with men, but I have to say, we are pretty good as a gender at staying away from drafting, encouraging each other, and really having a good time!

I loved this picture above! It totally reminds me of some of the parties I would have for my Birthday in Elementary school. My Mom was cool enough to hire my hair dresser for a night to do "makeovers" and we would get all dressed up and go to the movies or do a mini "fashion show" for anyone who was willing to watch. My poor Mom. I know we were up giggling until at least 2:00am every time and having 10-12 girls in your house on the weekends is quite the feat. She survived though!

How about this graphic! Ha! Had me laughing!!

Once again, no taper for this girl. I was lucky enough to get Friday off this time and a little swim-bike-run on Saturday. I haven't done even one fast repeat of any kind since I don't know when so I hope my legs still remember how to go-go-gadget fast twitch muscle fibers! I'm a little worried about the fact that I will be just about warmed up and the race will be OVER!! Either way, I love to race, I love to see other women out there cheering for each other and supporting one another as plenty of them will be doing their FIRST triathlon ever this weekend. It's great to see the sport growing (there will be 2400 of us estrogen filled ladies competing)!!

I'm in the first wave at 6:40am so its going to be an early morning and I can't wait!! I can't decide if I should do the whole "leave the shoes clipped into the bike" to mount it instead of putting them on in T1. I know, it's a sprint, and every second counts.. but sometimes this race has us leaving on a hill and it's not fun to be trying to get your feet in shoes while you're going uphill!! Seriously, what can that cost me in T1 -2-3 seconds? Hummm.. any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

Hope everyone racing this weekend (Heidi, Choloe, and everyone else) go get em & have so much fun! Time to represent Ryan & the best team in the world - Ballou Skies one more time!! For the rest of you - enjoy your weekend!!

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