Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend.. Burrr...and um.. training..

Did anyone else notice the WIDE swing in temperature last week! Wow.. in the Northeast it basically went from 88 degrees on Thursday (where I proceeded to have my WORST run of the year due to extreme heat, extreme leg fatigue and extreme Chinese for lunch coming back up to haunt me) to 60 degrees over the weekend!! Whooooa... talk about a shock to the system.

On Tuesday of last week I was having dinner with Ty, planning the next Ballou Skies fundraiser on October 22nd at Buckheads Saloon in Pittsburgh!

Dinner with Ty at my favorite place - the best pizza in Pittsburgh. Oh.. and by the way, I just got that dress on the clearance rack - $11.00 ladies - are you proud of me or what! Love that little thing!!

On Saturday I was breaking out the arm warmers for the ride and the Northface coat & wool socks for the evening with friends!

Saturday Jocelyn had a big day of riding planned and I volunteered to help her get it done! Her plan was 7 hours, my plan was 5 hours, and Lisa's plan was 3-4 hours.. but then we realized all bets were off very quickly. Jeremy's plan was just to get in the picture before he blew out of there and left us all behind.. which he executed perfectly :)
Jocelyn and I - could you tell we were chilly at 8:00am!

As the day went on it got more and more windy and the temperature dropped even further. At one point, the rain started coming and it was a bit sideways and I thought.. Ok.. I'll take the heat back!! Turn it on - Pllleeaaseee! It did get a little sunny during our second half and that was really welcomed. After pushing through the cold and the wind all those hours.. we started to really feel it and I could tell, we were fading.. all of us!!

<span class=IMAG0054">

We spent some time in here hoping it would get a little better.. little fluid refill, little eating of the powergels..

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But alas, Jocelyn's face says it all.. we felt like poo!! So, she called it around 6:00 and I called it around 4 hr 30 mins. Believe me, I didn't cover near as much ground as I thought I would during that time!! Wind / rain / cold will do that to you. We still had fun though and had a lot of laughs over things that can never EVER be mentioned on the blog. What happens on the bikes, stays on the bikes right?!

On Sunday, it was a long run on the old railroad bed in Clarion. My legs felt decent when I started and I was really pulling out some great heart rates / mile splits. The soft ground was welcomed and it was the perfect temp. for running. I was worried about not having any water.. but low and behold.. there it was...

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This aid station at mile 12 brought to you by Mr. Kyle Schwabenbauer. Thanks K... very sweet and much appreciated!! So I kept going strong and finished out my 16... Ironman training is just not possible without support - if this isn't an example, I don't know what is!!

The rest of the weekend involved naps, seeing friends, eating freshly made kettle corn and home made food. I was a happy girl. That's about all it takes for me to really get a smile on my face!! I even had Monday off from training (and it was a good thing since my legs were toast).

I started to get a bug yesterday, but I am
convinced I am going to kick it with ample sleep and zicam!! I am getting ready to Rev it Up!! Can't wait!

Hope everyone had a great non-laboring w

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