Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Every Year About This Time

Well, let us be honest, it's on all of our minds right?!

It's time...

The Ironman World Championships are here, and every triathlete who's ever really dreamed of the starting line at the big show can almost taste what's to come.

This week has been hard, but mostly, it's been good. I can't lie and say I'm a little bit blue thinking about not being in Hawaii this time of year. I mean, it's one exciting place right now!! It's buzzing with the best triathletes in the world, and just BEING around the energy and feeling the soul of the island is something I will never forget. However, it's also the fact that I feel like a piece of my heart traveled over to
Kona when most of my training partners, and very closest friends, left for their epic journey. Jocelyn, Beth, Matty Mo, Jeremy and Chad... you are my friends, and some of the best people I know.. It's kind of hard not to be with them, to experience the joys and celebrations of just making it over there, but I know it's not my time. So really, I'm about 5% melancholy and 95% excited to see what's in store for each of them on Saturday.

I was fortunate enough to start my first Ironman in Hawaii when the cannon sounded on October 10, 2008.. and it isn't something you soon forget. This year though, I'm convinced that something else, maybe even something much better, is in store for me if I can have a little faith that the best is yet to come. Is there something better than Kona, well my friends, let me tell you that there is.. it's each one of our journeys, whether you ever start on the Big Island or not, every single one of ours is important. In case you didn't realize, 140.6 miles is 140.6 miles whichever way you cut it, or wherever you do it. Frankly, a triathlon is a triathlon, so what is one persons Kona might be another persons Irongirl Sprint. It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone and not being afraid to go after your dreams. So, Ironman in Kona, or local sprint tri in pod dunk USA.. both are pretty darn impressive if you ask me. No more, no less..

Either way, I hope you don't mind if I post a little piece of my day from a few years ago. Not because I want to relieve my glory, or show off what I've done, but because who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to do something they couldn't, even if it's just signing up for their first sprint or 5k. It all takes courage, a lot of it, mind you... and I am thankful I got to fulfill one of my dreams and concur this distance while having fun with every step.

Some words of advice to my friends, a few of them (Beth!) will be doing their first IM this Saturday..

  • Enjoy!!!! This will be one of the hardest, best, most memorable days of your life.. and don't forget to take it in (even during the hard times).

  • Believe. You started with a dream, now finish with one. We certainly believe in you..

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve. Know why you're doing this race and let it emanate from you as you run down the Queen K.

  • Never give up.. anything can happen.

  • Empty the tank. There is no use saving it now.. you might as well know while you're eating Thanksgiving dinner this year that you gave it every last drop!

  • Draw from your fellow athletes. The camaraderie that is experienced out there among the lava is like nothing I had ever experienced before, or will probably experience again. Use each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other... it's real.. and it's the best thing you can do to help each other make it to that finish line.

  • Get ready.. if you're laughing, or crying.. or whatever you might be doing.. running up ali'i' drive is quite possibly the most amazing experience.. you're going to LOVE it!

I'm with you all in spirit and praying for a safe and fantastic day on Saturday!! You know who you are - YOU CAN DO IT!!

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