Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's All About The Gear

I don't know if you've noticed this about triathletes, but we love gear.. new gear, just new to us gear.. you name it. I love the old bike shorts I've had for years, but it sure is nice to have a new pair every once in awhile. I especially like really quality stuff that you've had for years that just works really, really well.

It takes awhile to figure out what works for you and I'll even say that sometimes what you need evolves over time. At first, when you're just getting started, it's hard enough to just afford the bike and everything else that you have to buy to even enter the dang race! However, eventually after four years of just training with a heart rate monitor, you finally stop salivating over everyone else's Garmin 405 and buy one (or the new wheels, etc. etc.). You didn't necessarily need the Garmin right off the bat, but you sort of get to the point where to take your training to the next level you need more data, and that sometimes requires an upgrade.

With that said, Triathlete magazine has an entire issue devoted to "gear" each year and I do find it quite interesting. I like to see what other triathletes are using and why. One of the athletes I'm working with suggested I put something together at some point showing some of the equipment I currently use. He said it could help those that are either just curious or are trying to figure out where to start!

I've linked that page under the side bar of the blog entitled "Curious About What Gear I'm Using?"

So, hopefully it helps you and if have any questions about what I'm using or why, just let me know! I'm sure I forgot some things - so please chime in about those too. It's almost New Years Eve! Hope everyone is having a great week.


Kiet said...

Ha ha too funny, I noticed that gear bag icon yesterday and placed a mental note to come back to it. Best have some techno music suggestions in there.

Steve said...

Kim Kim Kim. I am interested in winning in life. With the rest I go with the flow. I try hardish, and I play hardish. More days than not though... "I think" I have a smile on my face.

I hope you do too. :)) and also :((

I don't know you very well, but over the next year I bet I do. :)

I am happy about that. :)

Heidi Austin said...

like the gear... jaggad rocks... miss you and hope to see you next week!