Thursday, March 10, 2011

Riders On The Storm

If you put Pittsburgh triathletes inside long enough on their trainers.. you get some conversation like this over email chain about mid-March..

Triathlete 1: What are everyone's ride plans for this weekend?

Triathlete 2: Sat

Mar 12

Few Showers
Few Showers


If this holds up, I’ll probably opt to ride indoors for this weekend…however, I can be talked into anything.

Triathlete 3: If dry and upper 40's, I'll be outside for 3-3.5 on Saturday.

Me: Me too, if its dry. I have 3.5 Saturday and then 2.5 on Sunday too.

Triathlete 1: No computrainers available on Saturday, so its BYOT if we're inside, if we can ride there at all.

Triathlete 2: I guess we are Lance Armstrong-ing that up and riding outside NO MATTER WHAT!!

Triathlete 4: Bring it mutha natcha!!!!!!

Triathlete 2: Oh.. she brought it:

Winter storm watch issued

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

If the relentless rain and flooding has gotten you down, the National Weather Service has a twist in store -- a winter storm watch has been posted for Western Pennsylvania for Thursday evening through Friday evening.

Six inches or more of snow is possible during that time, along with wind gusts up to 25 mph, meteorologist Lee Hendricks said today.

Triathlete 5: I'm going back to Tucson and never coming back. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Me: Me tooooooo!!!!!

Triathlete 2: I'm all in favor for piling in a van after work tomorrow and driving south until we hit warm weather...just saying. Do I hear Road Trip?

Triathlete 1: So maybe Virginia Beach or south?

Triathlete 6: The brass band truck can easily hold 20 bikes.

Triathlete 2: I vote Brass Band Van to Virgina Beach! Leave tomorrow night.......and we make a 3 day weekend out of it with some sunny training!!! Now who's with me? Heck, we've all ridden our bikes for 7 hours so a 7 hour drive is a piece of cake? :)

Triathlete 7: I'm in!

Triathlete 1: I am seriously liking this plan - the weather seems just nice enough and the plan just crazy enough (and surely memorable enough in a jazz band truck hijacked!!) that it seems worth doing!

Could you actually get this truck for the weekend?? If so, what would be the upper limit you think on the number of passengers/bikes/luggage we could squeeze into that badboy???

Triathlete 6: Dudes. sorry. I was kidding. Does sound great though. If I didn't have rehearsal Saturday afternoon I seriously risk my job for it!

Man.. now that is some people who are ready to get outside and ride their bikes!! Hope everyone else's weather is better than Pittsburgh!!


Beth said...

Mutha natcha is surely trying to break our spirits!!! Or, perhaps just make us tougher. :-)

Christi said...

That really is a conversation from a bunch of people wanting to ride outside. I hope you see Spring soon!

Teresa said...

We are inside too...hail/rain/ we come!!! Right with you girl!!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

I have a house in VA Beach that you are welcome to use. Come on down!!!