Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Type - A

Kim, Heidi and Jocelyn - Summer 2010! I'm not saying they are Type - A, I just needed a good picture to remind me - SUMMER WILL COME EVENTUALLY (or I will keel over and die).

There are times when I really feel I am trying to do it all, and frankly, it's too much sometimes!

Wikipedia Says:

Type A

The theory describes a Type A individual as ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, preoccupied with his or her status, time-conscious, andtightly-wound. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving "workaholics" who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence.

In his 1996 book, Type A Behavior: Its Diagnosis and Treatment, Friedman suggests that Type A behavior is expressed in three major symptoms: free-floating hostility, which can be triggered by even minor incidents; time urgency and impatience, which causes irritation and exasperation; and a competitive drive, which causes stress and an achievement-driven mentality. The first of these symptoms is believed to be covert and therefore less observable, while the other two are more overt.

Because of these characteristics, Type A individuals are often described as "stress junkies" by individuals with Type B or other personality types. Many successful business and political leaders have Type A personalities.

I typically find that triathletes, like myself, are pretty type-A personalities. I don't necessarily agree with everything described above, but I definitely agree with some! We have a list, we like to check it off and when things are going right on that list, or we just can't seem to get enough done.. well, to be frank, we freak right out.

Although I know this sport lends itself well to this type of personality. Sometimes, between the my day job, the side career, the athletes calling, the workouts, the to-do list for Birthdays, the blog and everything else still required to keep my life going (laundry, groceries etc.) -it's a little.. well.. much.

Lately, I've been wondering just how much more I can take on, while still retaining some semblance of organization, time with my family and friends and sanity. The problem is, I like to be good at.. well, everything. I don't want to feel I'm "shorting" any of these aspects, especially my time with family and friends. However, I think by the very nature of all of these types of things, you can be good at some things, but only great at a limited few.

I've been spending some time thinking about what those few actually are and how that will shape the future of my life. I guess the blessing is that I have a full wonderful life with lots of things to keep me busy. The negative is that one can only stretch so far or be worked so thin! I'm not complaining, just thinking and trying to prioritize and get ready for what's to come. I believe in the fact that there is a plan for my life and if I keep doing what I love, and doing the best I can, that it will be revealed to me slowly and over time. I refuse to give up certain things that seem like they are on the right path for me, so in the mean time, I'll just have to become a really good juggler!! I have great family, great friends and spring is coming (I hope! So in just a few weeks we'll hopefully be riding outside - preferably not at NOLA 70.3 for the first time!).

Do you think most of us are Type-A personalities in the sport of triathlon? I'd love to hear so leave a comment.

In addition, if you would like to read a little about my first ever mention on Ironman.com just click HERE for the highlights of Ironman Cozumel 2010.


Beth said...

Geez - those definitions make Type Aers sound kind of rough... ;)

I've learned that saying "no" is sometimes I a very good thing. :)

Chad Holderbaum said...

....but isn't it exciting biting off more than we can chew? Never a dull moment that's for sure!

Sarah said...

Oh I am DEFINITELY Type-A! I think you kind of have to be in order to be a triathlete...there is just so much to balance and you can't just "go with the flow" of things or you'll never be able to fit everything in and get it all done! I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to be Type-A but it is a slippery slope to being obsessive. I know that when things don't go right I get so anxious and stressed out, and have to remind myself that everything will be ok and to just relax!

Austin said...

Ha! Another Type-A post. I agree, many triathletes are Type-A - but far too many people label themselves as such simply because they have think that only Type-A people are "winners."

Check it out: http://matthewscottaustin.blogspot.com/2010/11/type-cliche.html

Luv2Tri said...

I think it's time to take the race# off your helmet. LOL

Christi said...

I know I am a type A personality! And right now I am struggling with it. But I think I will take your approach and let life show me its plan for me.

Great shout-out at Ironman!

BriGaal said...

I actually think I'm more of a Type B+ or sometimes a Type A-

The crazy Type A+ triathletes can make ME crazy! ;)

Teresa said...

i have never heard of such a thing...ha!

It is tough...but balance is best and in some areas near perfect is good enough (at least that is how I convince myself that it is okay).

Saying "no" can be empowering too! Embrace the times you do it :)
We all know you are always giving your best!


Heidi Austin said...

im a minus too.... i feel like i suck at everything right now... im doing a juggling act and everything is hitting the floor hahahha... cant wait to see u sooN!

Kiet said...

I agree with Beth, I've always looked at type-A as a positive thing. I embrace my type-A ways, and though it has it negatives, it's still way more positive, just like type-B has it's negatives and positives.