Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Was A Floridian Easter

I had been hearing for approximately 6-8 months the same exact thing when I would speak with my Mother on the phone "So, everyone keeps asking me how my DAUGHTER likes my new house, but I tell them you haven't been here yet." Another variation on the same theme was "I'm really missing you, I can't wait until you come down.. when will that be again?" Etc. Etc. Etc. You get the point! The women was NOT happy I had not been down to visit her in Florida since she moved down this past July!

I can understand her point of view. I'm an only child and she does have one Sister down there, but we did used to see each other ever two weeks or so at the most. It's difficult to be away from your family when you are starting a new life.. for sure. No arguing there! However, with my total number of days off I need for racing each year from work, I have to be SO very careful how many I use for other things. Yes, I know, it's my Mom.. so of course, she's more important, but I already had some big guys I signed up to do (Lake Placid & Kona) and those would require at least 4-5 at a minimum.. Hawaii.. well, MORE!

Finally, with the day off for Good Friday, we made the committment to make it happen - I was headed to Florida for the Holiday! I was very excited to spend some time with "Donna Wana" as I call her (or sometimes "Wana" for short!). I departed Thursday night after work and only had to take Monday off to make it work.

The first day we got up, went to the gym where I did some spinning and took a quick swim in their AMAZING BEAUTIFUL 50m outdoor pool! The weather was spectacular! Then we went to the beach for a few hours - which is only 10 mins away from her house! So fun!

Finally, it was dinner at one of her favorite restarants and she made me pose in front of some flowers to get my picture taken.
It's funny, no matter how old you are, when your Mother says "Go over there so I can take your picture in front of those flowers" you do not complain, you just do it.
Pina Coladas!

On Saturday morning my cousins and Aunt were going to be running a four mile race, so my Mom wanted to do it as well. I said sure! I already knew this weekend was going to be really haphazard training-wise, so why get all bent out of shape. I was debating on how hard to run it (sorry Coach Justin-I didn't even mention it!!), but in the end, it seemed best to just run it with Mom and help pace her. A part of me really wanted to see if I could chick some boys, but who cared if I ran fast in some beach run.. and who knows how many times I'll get to race with my Mom who's been there and supported me for so many years with my races / activities. So, we did it!
Race morning was perfect.. 70 degrees and sunny (no surprise there!)
We arrived late, and things were hectic! My pre-register line was forever long and we barely got our numbers in enough time to line up and hear the gun go off!
I took this pic of my Mom, Aunt Carol, Mallory (Alex's girlfriend), Alex (cousin), Colby (cousin) and Laurie (cousin).
Wana and I ready to race!
Mom did exceptionally well! She only walked 3 mins of the whole four miles! I was really proud of her and she seemed really pleased! It was a lot of fun! Plus we got a picture with Forrest Gump!

For more race pictures - especially our awesome finishing pick - click here!

Beautiful Tree!
Then it was Easter morning and time to go to a pre-church breakfast.
After we went over to my Aunts and saw my cousin Josh
Easter dinner was a blast and we had a huge crew of family and friends! It was awesome
There was some drinking, which made for an interesting use of power-cutting tools!
All in all, we had such a great time and it was a little hard to leave. I love my Mom so much. I'm so thankful for her and all she's given to me! So as Mother's day is upon us - here is my tribute to my Awesome Mom and her beautiful spirit! Love ya Wana!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday as well!


Christi said...

Great shoutout to your mom! You guys look remarkably alike!

Beth said...

WANA!!!! Glad you got to visit. I know how you feel with your mom being so far away (and also with the questions as to when exactly you might be visiting... :) Hope we BOTH get to visit Wana (or Dr. K as Oscar still calls her) next year! :)

BriGaal said...

Looks like so much fun! Was that the Easter Beach run in Daytona? I did that race like 9 or 10 years ago :)

ADC said...

It is so greatthat you got to run with your Mum. You two will always remember that.
Oh and I LOVE that red dress you are wearing. It looks amazing.