Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Pittsburgh Half Mary Pics & Silversport Towel Giveaway!

The more I think about Sunday, the more I am fine with it. Ok, I'll admit it, at first I was a little bummed.. and a little perturbed that my coach didn't see this coming. Then, I got over myself. It certainly wasn't his fault - I'm the one that planned this race in the midst of hardcore 70.3 / beginning of Ironman training.

Thanks for all the comments and wise-words that were shared! That helped me gain a little dose of perspective and I'll take a little sympathy!! Sure!! LOL!

Lisa, good training partner and GREAT friend pre-race! I'm sporting my socks-turned-into-arm-warmers look! Loved them - never even got too hot to pitch them so I'm definitely going to use that idea again if I have to this season! It will probably be too hot though!
Staci and Monique got up at 3:30am to head down to Pitt just to see me race! Thanks ladies - that means sooooo much to me! A big thanks to K for being the photographer for the day! Sorry I'm a bad wife and didn't get any pictures with you in all the madness!!
As usual, it was a rainy race! It was cool to see all the elite runners come out of the hotel and just line right up in front of the rope holding the rest of us in Corral A back. Yeah, my time had no business being up there with them - none! At least not this time!
The crazy part was, the pacer actually ended up winning the marathon! He was only supposed to help them split the 10 mile and the guy goes on and wins it! How cool is that! The article can be read here!

Here I am showing off my silver towel after the race! My boss is involved with the company responsible for these very cool towel. I am not sponsored by them in any way, but I am helping them out when they need a little assistance! The really cool part is that they are anti-microbal! You can find them for purchase at Dicks Sporting Goods.
I did not propose we use this photo, but this is what they liked.. hey whatever!

Here I am at a video shoot for SilverSport - over toward the corner with my arm up!

It's a wonderful concept that I know athletes everywhere can really benefit from as we are living out of our gym bags, cars, lifting on fitness equipment that who knows where it's been, and spinning on spin bikes with peoples grubby hands all over them! I'm into NOT getting sick as much as possible this season so, for people like me, this towel is a must.

Therefore, I'm giving away two sets of two towels to two lucky people in a very easy way!!

Do one of these = one entry:

#1. Follow This Blog (above - see the box with all the faces)!
#2. Say you like Silversport on Facebook because you read my blog!
#3. Follow me on TWITTER - @fuelyourpassion
#4. Post that you entered this contest to your facebook page linked to my blog

Leave me a comment and let me know what you have done! I'll draw the winners a week from today! (May 27th)


Kim said...

i already follow you! sadly im not on FB or twitter. love the towel poster - you look hot!

Keith said...

Kim - are your shorts on inside out in the towel ad?

Heidi Austin said...

i like how charlie sheen is now showing up at ALL races... love it... nice towel and ad you sexy little thing :)

Chad Holderbaum said...

I'm all entered. Now you know you have to follow me now on Twitter and my blogger...

Steve said...

I'll follow you on twitter, but I don't want to win anything... so if I win give it away to charity. :)

Austin said...

We have printed that ad and it is hanging in our bike room.

Jamie said...

Subscribed. (Even tho I already was.)
Liked on Facebook.
And I'm already following you on Twitter.

JImmy said...

i'm totally ripping that charlie sheen photo, that's funny.