Friday, May 27, 2011

Winning (a SilverSport Towel among other things)

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I've been thinking about "winning" quite a bit these days, not necessarily in the Charlie Sheen sense, but more the sense of what it really means. Obviously, since we are very young we are taught that "winning" is better than "loosing." Or at the very least, that we are to strive for excellence in what we do, even if it means that we don't end up winning the t-ball game, winning the race, or getting the highest grade. I don't disagree with this philosophy, but as I get ready to speak with the graduating class of my high school next week, I'm trying to wrap my mind around all of the different things going through their head. What pressure they must be feeling to "succeed" and what the definition of success or winning really even means!

In racing it's simple, someone crosses the finish line first and they are the definition, technically, of the winner. Think about it though, thousands of us spend crazy dollars to go around the country and race and most us of don't even have that particular goal in our sites. We want to beat last years time, or have a run PR, or see friends and share the experience with other athletes. That's our definition of winning. I just want to stress to these kids that not only will everyone's path not be the same, but one will not necessarily mean they are "successful" if they achieve this particular goal or that particular house, or car or materialistic thing. While one girl sitting there may strive to be the best Mother possible, another may bust her butt to nail her MCAT's and become a surgeon. Not one decision is more right.. it's about what is right and what is meaningful for each one of them.

Now, of course, I'm having all these OTHER additional thoughts after I've already written the dang speech (which I'm pretty sure is right at my cut-off so they'll be pulling me off the stage on Wed!). However, I may try to work some of them in as well.

I guess I just want them to know that even if it seems like I've had some athletic success, it isn't that I believe this is the answer, or the begin all, or the end all.. I want them to enjoy the journey they take, whatever it may be, and give it their maximum effort while still remembering why they started to take that path in the first place. When thinking about them, I can't help but think about my own life, where I am, if I'm happy..

Pictures from my trail run this week which was SO much fun.. I hope I see that on the schedule again soon!
Last weekend I was riding along my good friend Lisa on the most gorgeous Saturday and I was feeling really, really spectacular. Sun on my back, grinding up hills, flying down the other sides and I told her that if rapture came that evening.. I'd thought about my life and I'm pretty pleased.. so let's do this thing! Of course, it didn't come, but I do think it's always good to think like that - if we knew we were going to die tomorrow, what would we do differently? Who would we mend our relationship with before it happened? Who would we call to say I love you?

Morbid for a holiday weekend - I know.. but I can't help it! I guess what I want to say is (from the words of shawshank redemption) "Either get busy living, or get busy dying" because we only have so much time! What's your definition of winning?? I would love to hear so share - please!!


I think last night I considered finding a new cool place to get wood-fired pizza and salad winning!!! Yep.. seemed like a win to me!

Oh..and in other random news, there was an article on Xtri about me last week and it's an interesting read (of course I think that - its about me!). You can read i HERE if you like!

You guys were AWESOME about my new bike.. man! I loved those comments with a passion! Thank you so much for being excited for me and again, I hope like heck we can get it to fit after all this hoopla!

FINALLY - I'm also announcing the winners of the Silver Sport Towel Contest!

Please give it up for Jamie at SWIM-BIKE-RUN-LIVE and Kim K at "TETA" means "BOOBY" in Spanish! Kim - I have your address, Jamie - please send it to me on facebook or email!

Thanks for entering and following! Now, if I could just get over 100 followers.. for heaven sake, I have 99. Someone please buck up and get me over that 100 barrier! Geezz!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be on my bike for a DANG good portion of it, as Ironman training is in FULL effect. I have 5.5 on Sat. and 4.5 on Sunday. YIKES! Here we go!!!!

Just remember, triathlon is fun..that's why we do it! I hope that we can all share a little laugher at ourselves like my man Jason here.. Congrats to him on a great race at Triple-T among the other awesome races we had last weekend from my Ballou Skies teammates!


Kim said...

ah!!! i won, i won! yay!!! thanks kim! love the pictures and the article on xtri. have great workouts this weekend.

Marit C-L said...

Great post... Hhhhmmmmm..... my definition of "winning". Well - for me, it's simply a matter of being able to do the things I love with the people I love. No finish line could ever trump that.

Happy Memorial Day Kim!

Teresa said...

you are going to have an amazing speech...pleasee record so we can all listen in!

To me winning is defined differently for each person. Knowing what you want to do and setting out to achieve it is winning. And knowing at anytime that the plan may change and re-evaluated and in the end (if you follow your plan) you will WIN.


Steve said...

That was a good post. Don't really have anything to add, but liked how you were reflective.

ADC said...

You said it well and this is what I always say to myself - triathlon is meant to be fun and we do it because we love it.