Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rolling in the Deep.. Funk..

Lately I seemed to have picked up a bit of a funk. No, it's not a virus or a bug of some sort.. it's just well, a funk. Another friend asked me to define a "funk" and all I could say was:

A general feeling of semi-depression with a side of lack of confidence and motivation. Hummm...yep...that's a funk all right :)

In case you hadn't noticed (or hadn't been reading this blog very long), I'm generally a pretty darn happy person (with the exception of late 2009 / early 2010 when I was going through some pretty crappy stuff!). Besides that, I pretty much love my life, love to train, love to be busy and love spending time with my friends and family.. oh..and food, I loooovvvee healthy, yummy good food... oh..and summer. Anyway, I could go on and on about things of that nature.

It's not training per say, because let's be honest, considering how much time I spend doing it, it does impact my mood a bit when it's not going well. I've had a few really hot as buckets runs which have left me wondering just how slow I can get when the heat climbs! I've had a few big weeks where I've nailed it (and definitely a few more where I most certainly have not). Finally, I've had so many things going on outside of training including athletes races, giving speeches, doing a TV interview etc. that have kept me a little too busy, probably more so than I would like.

On Sunday night I had just about had it, it wasn't the weekend, that was great.. but the funk was in full swing and I was just NOT feeling great. Something of a combination of just not wanting to communicate with my coach lately (sorry Justin - "yes, I'm still alive, I'm just going through..well, a funk" was my text message yesterday) and not feeling like working out (soo unlike me!). Maybe it was the mental gymnastics I had to go through in order to fit in about 85% of what I needed to do last week to get the workouts done. Who knows, either way, it was setting in hard and I think the best thing you can do when that happens is to treat yourself well, be thankful, pray for those less fortunate or going through tough stuff (and the list has been long lately) and do your best to get more sleep / try not to think about it.

I still got up Monday AM and swam, and luckily, it seems to be clearing up a little as I taper just a tad wee bit for Eagleman 70.3 this coming weekend. It's safe to say that no matter what you're doing, if you're stretched too thin, will eventually wear on you as you grind it out week in and week out. I've met VERY few athletes who don't get burnt out once in awhile (Beth S., my good friend being one of them, I wish I had her resolve or whatever it is that she does to ward it off!). Most likely, it's the combo of everything, working 40, some weeks getting up around 21 - 22 hours of swim, bike, run, lift time, and just trying to keep too many balls in the air.

Slowly but surely, I think I'm coming out, and I am starting, slowly, to get excited to race this weekend. On Sunday I could have canned it and not even have cared (again, WAY weird for me), but I'm eating well, taking it a bit easier this week (aka using the word "NO") and feeling a bit better.
Riding with the girls on Saturday was wonderful and is so much of the reason why I do this sport. It was just awesome to be out with them seeing the sights and getting in some good time!
Kyle and I had a great date night on Saturday which helped too! We rode the ferris wheel! Does it get any better than that!

Does anyone else have trouble with "The Funk" sometimes? What do you do to combat this motivation steeling, life sucking monster? Any good strategies or ideas?

Even the weather has been great! So that's not it either! No complaints from this chick!

I've been getting fit on the bike, but have decided not to change it up right before a big race like Eagleman. It just doesn't make sense. Coach is running these pics through silicon sometime soon to see if we are on the right track with my long femur!

Blue, five years old and still kickin. Blue's first half ironman race was Eagleman in 2006 (well, mine too!), so it will be nice to be back on the saddle again!
Somehow I've been chosen as one of the pictures in a "picture contest" for the Dick's Half Marathon from a few weeks ago.
They did this with the shot which was pretty cool! I'm not sure they are still voting but you can check it out!
Thanks for the thoughts as always! Keep up the good work friends!!


Kim said...

so funny we have the same blog post title this week! i hate being in a funk - and im in the midst of being in one now... not sure how to get out of it, so any advice would be appreciated! you are going to kick butt at eagleman, i can feel it!

Kristin said...

Good Luck to you this weekend!!! You will come out of that funk when you hit that water on race day! :)

Christi said...

I hear ya on the "funk." I am going through a patch of it myself right now. I am glad to hear you are starting to pull out of it.

Good luck on your race!

Steve said...

I was going to leave this for later, just cause you are never in a hurry to post comments, but I feel this one is too important.

I don't have any words of wisdom Kim, but I feel you. I don't like to see people in a funk as you say.

I'll just put it this way. I am thinking of you, and hope things turn out all right.

Take care. :)

Steve said...

Oh yeah, good luck on your race too. :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Maybe some rest/recovery this week will pull you out of it? I know I was shocked at the level of energy I had last week when I wasn't killing myself with long workouts every day... I think (and you know this!) rest and whole food nutrition are the keys. Be nice to yourself! You are awesome! :)

GoBigGreen said...

you know sometimes funks and extra rest or feeling BLAH come on bc we need them to slow us down. They stink and usually i just know that it will pass and i will feel "normal" again. I always try to laugh at myself a bit, my hubby helps, bc sometimes the funk makes me even MORE FUNKIER than just the funk itself, if that makes any sense:) ie the extra energy i put into trying to diffuse the funk:) ha. Ok.
so HAVE fun at Eagleman, do what you know how to do, and say hi to Beth and Jen! I will be racing in KS that same day so lets all have a blast!

Barb said...

I felt the exact same the last three weeks or so leading up to Quassy. I think a lot of it is the juggling of workouts, work, etc. It is just mentally and emotionally exhausting. For me I know getting out there to race really helped, it just made me remember why I do all this crazy training and juggling :) I hope Eagleman does the same for you Kim!! You are going to rock it I know!

Kiet said...

The funk, been there, done that, still doing, and got the t-shirt, maybe you need a t-shirt that has the words "FUNK" right across the chest and back and you wear it when you are in the funk. Just ride it out babe, ride it out.

Beth said...

I hope you will be de-funk-dified soon!! I'm sure you will be!!! Almost time to race - that HAS to help!!! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

This will make you feel better...WE all go through funks...last year mine in Triathlon lasted the entire year! LOL And, when you juggle all that we do - it is unavoidable!

Last week...I was not in a funk necessarily but WAY overwhelmed. I actually sat on my floor in my kitchen and was in tears. The kids are home full time now - work is busier than ever due to summertime now - and I am training/racing a lot this year......and I had to get my attorney involved in TWO situations last week, ONE WORK and ONE with a service company...that will add more stress.....

SO it was too much....and I was Like, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" I can usually just go to bed and wake up better....and I can get through most anything....AND usually I need some downtime from the kids and the computer and it helps...and a day off training! AND chocolate.

See! :) see you this weekend!

Teresa said...

Yes, we all do the "funk" thing...part of the process..embrace it...you will be out of it in no time! Good luck at Eagleman!!

Kim said...

BEST comments ever.. wow you guys.. thanks.. making my day here.. seriously, it helps to know I'm not alone in the funk sometimes!! ha!

Sarah said...

oooooh the 'funk'...yes I know it well! When nothing specific is wrong but nothing feels right. It's the worst because there's nothing you can do...its like if you KNEW what what wrong you could fix it, but you can't! Just ride it out because it will get better soon!

GOOD LUCK at the race this weekend! You're going to rock it---you deserve it! :) And I can't wait to hear about it because your super-athletic powers always inspire me :)

ADC said...

Oh sorry to hear you are in a bit of funk. I am sure it will "clear out" very soon. Good luck this weekend. Go and kick some a$$.