Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Days and Counting - Almost Kona Send Off Time!

Things are getting crazy around here and I like it. How insane is it that Kona is finally just around the corner! Can you believe it! Can you feel the energy!! I know I can!! I'm beyond excited - not just for the race! I'm excited about the weather, the energy of the island, the town of Kona, eating at some amazing places, seeing friends and of course, swimming in that crystal clear water and even throwing a little shin-dig afterward!

Life is truly good and at this point, there isn't too much that could bring me down. Not even two of our friends cancelling at the last minute could do it (although it did for a few minutes). I believe that we only have so much energy, so we should spend it wisely on things that are positive.

I had been fighting some sort of sinus thing for almost two weeks and low and behold I finally beat it this weekend. Or should I say, the Nedi-Pot beat it. I had been resisting buying one of these forever. I had heard they worked so well, but I just didn't like the thought of pouring some dang solution INTO my nostril and having it come out the other side. Like really?? You want me to do WHAT?? Finally, I'd had it. A week of sore throats and feeling run down and by Friday night I'd reached my limit. Honestly, I was amazed at the progress the next day after one use. I hopped on my bike and banged out some really tough intervals on the trainer. Yes, the little Nedi pot has me a believer!

This week is devoted to seeing some great friends and teammates at our Ballou Skies send-off dinner where I recieved this AWESOME little pineapple from Matt & Kristen! Thanks guys! Knowing my team and Ty & Ryan Ballou will be there for the race just means so much to me and I couldn't be more thankful to represent Ballou Skies for my 140.6 mile journey.

Speaking of my journey, it hasn't been all roses - but really, who's has? If you would like to read a little article that was posted on the Training Peaks Website, just click the link below. I was thankful they decided to share my story and I'll be sitting on a panel for them on Wed. at the Expo in Kona at 10am so if you're around - please stop by!

5 days and counting till I head out! So excited!!

Peace out boyscout!


marian said...

good luck, and even more - enjoy!

Alison said...

I'll be there cheering for my husband, so I'll look for you too. Have a fantastic race and enjoy the day!

Kiet said...

Love me that neti pot, I too am a believer now. Packing for Kona is awesome, so easy except for the bike part, but swimsuits and flip flops and you're good to go. You lucky girl, enjoy it Kim!

Kim said...

5 days?! AGHH!!!! yay kim, you are gonna nail Kona! (that sounds dirty). xoxo

Christi said...

Go Rock it! I will be you with in spirit so please drain the energy I am sending you and rock to that finish for all of us on your side!

GoBigGreen said...

Good luck Kim! I cant wait to cheer for you from MN!
Have a blast!

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD said...

Best of luck - although I know you are going to do just great. With a mind that loves a challenge and a body that craves exercise, wishing you lots of energy on race day. See you soon!!

ADC said...

Good luck Kim. have fun!