Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Heart The Off Season

Sorry for the long time no post! Just because I haven't been training like a mad women, doesn't mean I haven't been busy!! It's been a wonderful couple of weeks and getting ready for 2012 is in full swing, both for myself, and for the amazing athletes I will be working with next year. I have an exciting group from people who are coming off the couch to tackle their first triathlons to people who are attempting to qualify for the big dance. It's a great group that will challenge me and that I can't wait to figure out each individual athlete, what makes them work, their metabolism and how we can pull the very best from each of them. It's a great time to be a coach!

With that said, there have been some things I love about the off-season. Just a few of those are as follows:

  • Hot Yoga (I go to Amazing Yoga, which I love, but there are many great places)
  • Cross-Fit / Raw Training (which is totally kicking my hiney and making me sore!)
  • Wine (yes, vino is good and it's nice to have a little here and there and polypenols are a great antioxidant!)
  • Raising money for Ballou Skies at our Champions Gala last week filled with great food, great friends and awesome updates on how the research we are supporting is changing lives for the better!
  • Seeing lots of Kyle
  • No set workouts
  • Catching up with friends
  • Working so very hard on my own business and getting it ready for 2012. I worked 17 hours over three days this weekend. It was busy, but it was worth it.
  • Planning next season (Race Plan "A" has been established and I will unveil it very soon! So excited)
  • Thinking about my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete.
  • Getting my bike Retul fitted at Top Gear Bicycle Shop next week
  • Flying out to Colorado Springs in December to see my coach and do video analysis / work on some of my weaknesses (aka SWIMMING)
  • Looking forward to the Holidays! Who else can't wait!!?? I LOVE this time of year!
It's been a nice break and I think that break will be over on December 1st if I'm feeling good and ready. I think I will be and I'm actually getting excited to be back to training. It's hard to believe last year at this time I was about to do my final Ironman of the season in TWO more weeks over Thanksgiving!

What are YOU loving about the off season??


Teresa said...

So excited for you Kim. Enjoy this last week'ish of recvoery!

Christi said...

OMG, you are coming Colorado Springs?!!! We have to meet up. Let me take you to lunch or something.

Enjoy the offseason!

Kim said...

look how purdy you look! cant wait to haer about your A race for 2012! what i love about the off-season... all the delicious treats. what i hate about the off-season...all the delicious treats!!!