Monday, February 27, 2012

It's all Good.

I have lots and lots of news :) Unfortunately, it's either keep working and training and making my coach and clients happy, or write about it here! I can't BELIEVE I'm this busy after saying goodbye to the full time job! Geez! I guess you could call training / coaching / nutrition counseling the full time job and that really does fill up 40 hours (and really, more) quicker than you can say go!

The good news is that its really really hard.. and I love it. I'm so so thankful that I made this decision and that God provided the opportunities to make it happen. Last week was epic in terms of training and I can't wait to have time to write all about it! Hopefully soon!! Training camp in South Carolina with Miss Beth was truly amazing and included lots of adventures and interesting happenings!

I've now relocated to Florida for the next three weeks to train in the sun and see my Mom! It's been fun so far, but the lack of working (and monster training) caught up with me over the weekend so I was left working Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night (the joys of being a small business owner!).

Thanks for the kind comments on the last blog! It's so good to know you can emphasize with the fears and the hopes and everything in between. I'm a lucky girl..

Life is good isn't it!


Steve said...

I am still here, and I still read. I don't always have a comment, but like I said I am still here.

Good luck on all your endeavors. :)

Kim said...

kim, i loved you on MTV :) so proud of you friend.

Christi said...

I need your strength and determination. Do you think you could share?

GoBigGreen said...

Glad things are going so well Kim!