Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures

This post is going to contain a bit of randomness for a multitude of reasons, but the majority of which have to do with A. the fact that I am wickedly tired and can't come up with an actual topic / sentence structure to save my life and am too tired to work and B. the fact that Kyle says I write blisteringly LONG posts with no pictures. Well, I'll show you Kyle.  I've got LOTS of pictures.  Do they make sense together.  Nope, not a chance.  Do I feel they are actually fairly representative of my life somehow when you put them all together - heck yeah!

Quick updates, training is going well. I've been attempting to turn into one of those meticulous people who runs around the parking lot with their watch until it finally says EXACTLY 1:14:00 or whatever my coach gives me. I kid you not that some of my runs are 1:07 or bikes are 5:53.  Yep, no rounding here and no slacking in the QT2 world!  It's an exact science am I'm trying to learn to execute like it's my job because one day, it could maybe, possibly (but it's a long shot) support me!  I'm definitely going down trying for a few years or so and I trust the plan so here's to me becoming somewhat of a tri-geek (not meant in a bad way, I really love you "runner around the parking lot people" and in fact, want to be MORE like you :) 

While I've been doing my best to put together EXACTLY what is on the schedule, I've been working with my athletes which I have actually capped for the year so that is a great year.  No more peeps this year!  A waiting list for next year has now been developed!  I'm staying with a lower number so that I can really focus and do proper job with attention to detail for each of them.  

So, without further ado of too much writing (yes, yes, Kyle, I HEAR you :)  Here are some pictures from the last week or so!   In no particular order!   

 Standing one legged squat that I've been working on for added hip stability and strength.  It's a great way to improve your overall running stride because what we DON'T want is a dropping hip during our run stride.

It's a great exercise and here is how you do it in an article from Matt Fitzgerald "Finding Your Core" from   Just a note, I should have had my foot bent BEHIND me not in front.  You get the idea :)

Single-Leg Squat
Trains the hip abductors and external rotators to maintain hip stability during a single leg movement similar to running
Stand on one foot and bend the other leg 90 degrees. Lower your butt slowly toward the floor, keeping most of your weight on the heel of your support foot. Squat as low as you can without your butt moving to one side or the other (a sign that other muscles have begun to pick up the stabilization slack). Return to the start position. Do eight to 10 squats on each foot. Progress by squatting deeper and/or by adding repetitions.

 I've been seeing so many animals when I'm out running and biking lately.  These were a few of the cute alpaca's at a farm near where we live!  Just grazing and living the good life!
 I always talk to them when I run by.  Man do you ever wish you could just know what these guys were thinking!  All of them stare me down and so far, have never said anything back! Let's call them Billy 1, Billy 2, Billy 3, and Little Billy.. what do you say!?
 A great fish tale I found while I was out riding!  Oh the mailboxes that I find while I'm out riding in the hills and dales!  Unbelievable!  Of course, this was the mailbox for a fishing camp, of course!
 Love, Love, Loved this sign!  So true and I think it applies to everyone!!  Get out there and GET after it!
 My favorite smoothie ingredients!  Just add about 1/2 cup Organic Red Fat Milk to about a cup of frozen strawberries or mixed berries, greek yogurt, another 1/4 cup water or orange juice and of course, some protein powder.  I used Powerbar because I am sponsored by them and it's a great whey protein, but you can go with your budget needs etc.  So so delicious and great for within that 30-40 min post workout window!!

 I headed to Portland this weekend to attend my first meeting as an Executive Committee member for SCAN which is Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition members.  We are involved in supporting the other 7000 members of our group with continuing education, conferences and other great opportunities to learn and grow as a Registered Dietitian.  I was very thankful to have the honor of joining these exceptional people to learn from them and get to make a difference.  It will be an exciting year and a LOT of work, but very cool.
 Don't you love hotel gyms..  NOT.  I did not enjoy riding on this bike for my three days there, but hey, what are you going to do.  Sometimes you just have to get er done.
 My coach is now incorporating TRX.  I like the idea, learning how to use it when you are uncoordinated, not so easy (especially when you've only watched the video like once).  Think - Kim in her hotel room attempting to get into all these positions and then messing up and getting lots of rug burn.  Not so fun!
 This I saw on Facebook, stole and love!  So true!!
 A big thank you to Newton for supporting our Ballou Skies team this year with shoes!! Yes!  

That's about it~!  Hope you enjoy the randomness but realness of this post!  This is my life, it's crazy and it's erratic but it's all mine and I love it!! So many exciting races this weekend!!  Great job to everyone out there who put themselves on the line and gave it their all!!!!!!!!!!

In health,


Alison said...

I think I'm going to start working in some one-legged squats, thanks for the tip!

Kiet said...

Awesome, randomly been doing the single leg squats this year and you just confirmed that I should keep doing them. No wonder I feel like I have my running form back.