Monday, September 24, 2012

It Takes Time

I remember when I started with coach Jesse of QT2.  I was amazed by his attention to detail and I was so excited to get my first race files analyzed by him once I got my power meter.  While I was working really hard at those first races to get things right, I still made some classic mistakes of people who are just starting to use power!  I really hammered out of the turns giving me some high  watts that weren't really appropriate for longer races.  

I was never made to feel bad about this, but I was definitely given a "grade" that showed I had some work to do on the learning curve!  Since the beginning I've wanted to really nail an Ironman power file but Lake Placid just wasn't the place.  

Finally!  FINALLY it happened at Rev 3.  I was conscious the entire day of my effort and was given specific wattages to achieve for each section and I did it!  
 My first A+ power file of hopefully many more to come.  I felt like framing it, but I think I'll just put it on the blog for now!  I definitely am still figuring things out as a pro and I have a long way to go but this little victory felt pretty good.

That's what we have to do you know, celebrate victories when you can get them and be happy with your effort.

Keep striving for those victories and work toward what you can control!  It's not going to happen overnight, it takes time - but don't give up!


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