Monday, October 1, 2012

Pressure, Dreams & Strength: All Parts of 140.6 miles

It's that time of year.  To Triathletes, it's almost like Christmas.  It's the time of year when those that have been dreaming big for the last XX months or even years get a chance to step up to the line and live those dreams.  It's the time of year when all the sacrifice and hard work culminate into one cannon blast and the next 140.6 miles are spent duking it out along the lava fields of the big island.  It's time for the Ironman World Championships.

Last year, I was there.  It was a whole different experience than being there my first time when I was about to do my first Ironman.  I was coming back as a two time Ironman amateur champion and I had a bit more confidence in my back pocket, but yet a very healthy respect for the fact that this particular race in these particular conditions chews people up and spits them out regularly without giving it a second thought.

Consequently, some poor decisions and 11 hours later that is exactly what had happened to me.  I was lucky to finish in one piece in 2011.  I knew if I made the decision to turn pro it would probably be awhile until I was able to return due to different (and much more difficult) qualifying standards.  However, I was prepared to take that risk in order to live my dreams and see if I could take things to the next level.

That definitely doesn't mean I don't miss being part of the excitement that comes along with being in Hawaii for the World Champs. It's an experience that one never forgets and the energy and buzz in that place is the center of the triathlon world for two weeks.

I saw these video's posted and I was really interested to hear from some of the professionals who will be standing on the starting line this October.  I've been doing a lot of mental work myself this year so to hear the thoughts of some of those who have learned to master this aspect is something that really interests me.  The mind must be harnessed to the best of our ability going into a race of this magnitude.  Everything that can happen, will happen.  These athletes have to be prepared to deal with the pressure and everything that surrounds each possible circumstance of the day ahead.

We should never stop being students of the sport.  I know I'm not even close to done with that aspect of things. I hope these videos resonate with you like they did with me!  What part did you like the most?? Anything ring a bell??

Check out some of the best athletes in the triathlon world and their thoughts on some of the most important topics of the day:


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Mike said...

Great videos! The common thread for me was the vulnerability that came through. I don't mean that in a weakness sense, but the vulnerability we all share as part of the human condition. I look to these athletes as machine-like. They crush IM in a way that I can't hardly comprehend. Yet, in the quiet moments, they share the same fears, pressures, questions as the rest of us mortals. On some simple level, I can actually relate.

I am training for my 2nd ultra marathon at the moment. With reflections on the videos in the quiet, dark wilderness, with a painful 18 hours on my legs and another dozen yet to go, perhaps my mind will wander to ask, "What would Craig do?"

Thanks for sharing.