Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summertime Fun

I am in love with summer.  Always have been, always will be.  It has something to do with the warm summer breeze while on my bike, seeing kids playing outside in the yard, feeling the sun warm my back on a run in sports bra or hearing the bull frogs sing to each other in the pond while sitting on our porch for dinner.  

Summer is just all around good.  That's something I think we can agree on! 

Summer also brings visitors, like my Mom!  She came a few weeks back for a visit and we even spent time doing a little Mother / Daughter primping time.  

She enjoyed her first pedicure in two years.  I pretty much forced her into it.  Shortly after I got my toenails done, one prompted fell off from Texas.  At least I still had nine good ones to show off!
 Summer means recovery runs that bring beautiful sights, blue skies and cascading flowers.

I also make a few new friends in the summer. 

Summer also brings a bit of pool time!  I worked in between raftathlon races (that's swim, raft, pool run for those of you unaware) on a Friday afternoon and it was amazing.  Mandy and I took the opportunity to be silly and have a little fun.  It was such a nice treat to just laugh and be a kid again.  It reminded me that sometimes I take things entirely too seriously and just need to kick back and enjoy myself.

I leave you with this summertime quote:

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