Friday, November 1, 2013

I Want to Know...What's In THE BAG??!!

Oh the sacred gym bag!  I'm wondering if anyone else has these rituals like I do!  Being that I KNOW I'm not even close to the only type-A triathlete out there, I am willing to bet I'm not alone on doing certain things that help you make the shift from one season to the next.  One those things involves ridding my gym bag of the endless pieces of ripped up pool schedules, hair ties, gel wrappers and other random items that have made their permanent home in the bottom of my bag! If it's really trashed, I'll just start over with a new bag.  It's like a new fresh start!  A new bag brings a re-awakening of sorts. Ok, it's just a new gym bag.  At least the first few weeks, I feel like my life is organized and at my fingertips!

Have you ever wondered what's in other people's bags?  Well I have!  Does that make me weird? Maybe!  I guess I just don't care!  If you've been wondering about the same thing then I'll let you in on my little secrets right here in this blog!  Sometimes, what I've managed to put in here has saved my butt (literally, I'll explain that one later!).

The shiny new bag for 2014!  It may not make it the WHOLE year, but I will say I do like the amount of pockets in these bags (plus they are free, well, if you count your entry fee and all the travel and money you shell out I supposed we pay for them plenty of times over!).  Pockets in your gym bag are KEY!  I can't function without specific places to put certain items.  I need big ones and small ones to really keep things separate and make sure I can "try" to put them back in the SAME pocket time after time.  This helps keep some semblance of order in the bag, and hopefully, allows me not to waste valuable time looking for ____ equipment! 

Of course you have the hair stuff.  For you men, this just looks like a comb or NOTHING.  Must be nice!  I keep my curling iron in one of these neat pouches someone bought me that is insulated so it doesn't burn the plastic bags I shove in the bottom for all the sweaty clothes.  I keep at least 2-3 plastic bags in the bottom of my gym bag at all times for those workouts where you could literally wring your clothes out with sweat and you still have places to go and things to do after. 

Here is the the "bring it into the shower with you" bag!  The main thing about this bag is that it must have some ability to be hung on those hooks in the shower AND fit my shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, lotion or other toiletry items!  You will also notice my watch attached to the handle!  I attach the watch after every workout right before I jump in the shower.  I don't trust myself to just throw it in the bottom of the bag.  Trust me, I've spent COUNTLESS hours looking for the dang thing when I just put it in a pocket and forgot which one or leave it in my car.  Now I have a system, and so far, it's working well!  The next day before the workouts, I just go grab it off my handle and roll!  It's the little things like this that allow you to keep your sanity when you are four days into a twenty-eight hour week, tired, and losing your mind because you have to be at the pool doing your next workout NOW!!

I keep all the sample sized shower items in plastic bags.  I tend to just refill these smaller bottles so they don't get too heavy.  Sometimes, I just use them and then replace them with more samples from hotels etc.  The plastic bags are a must.  When the bottles decide to just randomly pop open (or someone...not mentioning any names - ME - decides not to close them properly), then they don't get EVERYTHING covered in gunk! Lotions etc. are in a separate plastic bag, same container! 

Here is my sports nutrition bag!  If I can, I pack specifically what I need for the workout, especially if it's a longer one.  However, let's just say FAIRLY OFTEN I just rely on what's in this bag to get me through and HOPEFULLY, I refill it once it starts getting low!  

I keep my favorite Powerbar Blasts in here, some with caffeine, some without.  I also keep the gels in their own baggie because who hasn't had a wayward gel explode EVERYWHERE and that's when you find yourself cursing and screaming in the locker room looking like you need serious help!  I try to avoid those situations (if possible)!  

My recovery drink in pouches are in the sports nutrition bag too with the number of scoops labeled.  Again, sometimes I just throw how much I need in a bottle before I leave and take it with me OR grab a chocolate milk etc.  Having protein drink mix in the pre-measured baggies has SAVED me a few times when I was really late and needed to just mix right there in the gym sink and move on!  You can't miss these details!  They MAKE your workout count! 

The "A" set of goggles and swim cap (I prefer the thick latex caps!)

The "B" set of goggles and cap that is kept in a separate pocket for when I do something dumb and forget the "A" set or don't put them back like I should!  Of course, the gym shower flip flops!  I hate when I wear them home in the summer and then don't remember to put them back in! GRR!! Gross!

My GOOD Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses for those bikes and runs where I know it's going to be beautiful out there! 

The items above are tucked away in the "oh crap" pocket!  I don't tend to need them, but when I do they are a lifesaver!  There's a little waterproof bag (upper right) I've used to carry my phone on log rides with a zipper.  It also holds my old swim workouts, that if I'm really desperate and forgot mine, I will pull out!  In addition, it contains my swim tempo trainer, a hair band, CO2, band aid(s), lifting spreadsheet, some feminine items and a pen.  Finally, that pocket houses and extra pair of socks, pair of crap gloves (purple).  Also included, yet not shown here, pair of extra underwear (totally saved my hiney about 5 times a year!).  You have to replace what you use in the "oh crap' area though or you'll end up thinking you're covered and you're not!! That's a REAL bummer when that happens! 

Finally, that pocket also houses the el cheapo crap pair of sunglasses in case I forget my good ones! Totally ran with these a couple of times! 

Can't live without my tunes!! 

There you have it!  That's my gym bag overview. Hopefully, a few of the tips or tricks I mentioned will help you as you get organized for this upcoming season!  

Cute socks make me happy!  This was a 30 min run, which I am sore from by the way.  Oh, the joys of getting out of shape!

Ahh.. the beauty of running in the fall! 

Thanks to Powerbar for getting me stocked up and ready to take on training in a few weeks!  I'm all set!!!!!!!!!


Ange said...

haha.. love this. I can very much relate. I have several places -- swim bag/ bike basket at home...etc.. You really have ALL that powerbar stuff??? wow. you ARE all set!!

Beth said...

When riding long with Beth, you should always now keep your car keys in that gym bag of yours too. Less likely to get lost somewhere out in the middle of nowhere that way... ;)

Tarheelfan said...

Can I go shopping at your house for PowerBar products..ha ha