Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Be Jammin - 2014 playlist & more!

Music is a huge part of my workout routine.  I actually look forward to riding my bike (indoors) more when I have some new tunes on the MP3 player.  There's something about a good beat that can completely turn your mood around and make everything seem like it's going to be ok.

There are times I have a workout and I'm just totally over it before it starts.  There are times when I just don't feel like going out and running in the cold wet rain or enduring how my eyelashes and hair freeze when they're wet in the dead of winter.  Let's face it, not every day is beautiful sunny and seventy degrees here in PA (ok, let's face it, MOST are not).  However, it matters not!  This is where we've chosen to live.  My usual strategy is to promise myself that I will just throw on the running shoes and go out for 15 minutes. If things don't turn around in that time, then I'll come home!  Ha!  Fact of the matter is that I NEVER turn back.  Once I'm out there, I'm usually jammin up a storm and actually really enjoying the sound of my feet on the pavement (or snow).  Even if I'm wet, as long as I'm mostly warm, I'm fine.  I watch my breath rise up and disappear into the morning air and all is right with the world again.

It was time for a new influx of songs so that I had some additional motivation to jump on that trainer for my four hour long ride this week.  That's right, first week back, this chick is riding four hours!  He drops me in steep!  I kind of expected that though to be honest!  Coach and I had "the talk" about if I could handle a bit more this year and I think the answer is yes.  I say that now though!  Ask me in ten weeks if I'm saying the same thing :)

Have you been starting to gear up for 2014?  What does your year look like?  What really gets you ready and motivated?

Here's a few of my new ones that I am REALLY looking forward to listening to this week as I get started.  I have pretty eclectic taste I think, but all in all, they are really good songs (ok, well, I think so!).  You be the judge!

Classified - "My Inner Ninja" (a MUST! You've got to get this one!)
Lady GaGa & R. Kelly - "Do What U Want"
Rihanna - "What Now" (Firebeatz Remix)
Pittbull & Kesha - "Timber"
Linkin Park & Steve Aoki - "A Light That Never Comes"
John Newman - "Love Me Again"
Nicole Scherzinger Featuring 50 cent - "Right There"
American Authors - "Best Day Of My Life"
Lorde - "The Love Club"
Gavin Degraw - "Best I Ever Had"
Capital Kings - "Paradigm"
Passion Pit - "Take A Walk"
Linkin Park - "Waiting For The End"
Cold Cave - "Confetti"
Passion Pit - "I'll Be Alright"
Fitz & The Tantrums - "Fools Gold"

In other news, I was also asked to be part of a a podcast with Tawnee Prazak of Endurance Planet to chat about life, Kona, what's up for 2014 and some nutrition info that may help you prepare for the year ahead.  If you have a moment (ok like 53 moments), FEEL FREE TO LISTEN one chunk or in pieces!  It was a blast to talk with someone who knows the sport just as well as I do and that is just as passionate.  I hope it inspires you and maybe you even learn a thing or two!

I've also been making some great new recipes that I can prepare and freeze for those "OH CRAP" moments when I've just trained six hours and open the fridge to a whole lot of nothing.  I started cooking at 10:30am yesterday and finished at 3:30 pm with a few short breaks.  No kidding!  It was a cooking marathon of sorts!  It will pay off and save my butt in the upcoming months, don't you worry!  As far as I am concerned, time well spent!

Quinoa and Black Beans (always a winner, been making it for years, put it on salads or eat it alone)

Layered BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole (had it last night, WONDERFUL!)

Zucchini and Ricotta Bake (I added chicken to make it a complete meal)

Spaghetti Squash and Kale Gratin (again, added chicken that I just chopped & sauteed with oil olive in the skillet ahead of time, VERY good recipe!)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what you've got that is new and exciting on your playlist or even an "oldie but goodie" as I'm still collecting some material!  Please feel free to share!  I'm seriously into everything!  Lay it on me!

Let me know if you download these what you think too.  I'm curious to hear what people like!

Here's to 2014!  Let's get this party started already!!  Whoo hoo!!

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Gracie said...

I'm so glad Coeur linked to your blog! I am now downloading all these songs :)