Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"No Limits" - New Partnership - Get On the Ultragrain Train!!!

  As a sports dietitian and professional athlete, people often make comments when we eat together socially.  Comments I hear fairly often include, “Oh, don’t look at what I’m eating, I don’t usually have things like this,” or “please don’t judge me, I’m sure you never eat (insert whatever that person feels is off-limits).”  It’s a terrible situation because I am NEVER judging or really even paying attention to what the other person happens to be consuming!  The last thing I would want them to think is that I am on my high horse and have certain foods that are on a list somewhere under “NEVER EAT” or “FEEL GUILTY IF CONSUMED.”  

 Ironman Mont Tremblant Canada 2013, 2.4 mile swim (1:02), 112 mile bike (5:11), 26.2 mile run (3:03) - 
5th place professional female

When people ask me why I gravitated toward nutrition as a career, it’s a fairly easy answer – I LOVE FOOD!  I like eating food, talking about food, learning about food, understanding the social aspects of how food can bring us together and how it provides our body with valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Food is a beautiful, wonderful thing that can fuel a marathon, unite a culture, or just bring a huge smile to a Birthday girl or boy’s face!  One thing is for sure, I’ll always be in business because, guess what, people have to eat!  
There’s been a culture shift lately to what I would almost call food cults or camps and the unfortunate casualty has been the disappearance of whole food groups like grains, dairy or categories that people feel should never be included in a healthy diet (i.e dessert etc.).  Somehow, we’ve gotten the idea that the more rigid we become, the healthier we will be.  Some of these “diets” are encouraging more whole foods (which I love), but what happens on day 31 of a 30 day “diet”?  If it’s not sustainable and doesn’t teach you how to incorporate these new habits into your regular lifestyle, then chances are it isn’t going to be a lifestyle you can maintain forever.  My intention is not to knock these methodologies, but merely tell you that my food mantra is an all-inclusive, everyone is invited to the party philosophy!  There is a time and place for all types of foods.  Of course I love my body and want to provide it with the nutrients it needs to be healthy, function at a high level and have a little fun and enjoyment in my life too!  The great news is real, whole foods not only taste great, but they can provide us what we need and we can even have a little fun at the same time learning how to prepare them to compliment their benefits.  

With this “passionate about food” philosophy, comes partnerships with companies who are also committed to helping people include more heart-healthy whole grains in their diet.  The dietary guidelines recommend we consume half of our grain servings per day as whole grains.  Whole grains are an awesome way to provide endurance athletes, and the general population, with fiber, vitamins, minerals and the fuel to tackle your workout and everyday life.  In addition, even enriched flour has a place as the other half of the equation that isn’t whole grain.  Many people enjoy baking (including yours truly) and adding a dose of whole grains via the flour you use is an excellent way to increase your intake of whole grains overall!

That’s why I’m proud and excited to introduce my newest sponsor, Ultragrain Brand Flours.  They have two types of flour currently on the market, Ultragrain All Purpose Flour and Ultragrain White Whole Wheat Flour.  You may have seen their Ultragrain symbol on a number of retail products available in your local grocery store as well.  

Ultragrain is milled to include the entire grain, bran, germ and endosperm which provide exceptional health benefits from the additional fiber and natural vitamins and minerals.  We are talking whole grain nutrition with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour!  Best of all, Ultragrain All-Purpose Flour can easily be substituted into any recipe that calls for white flour, and Ultragrain White Whole Wheat Flour can be substituted into any whole wheat flour recipe.  They have plenty of recipes on their website, and yours truly will also be creating a few new additions to their recipes this year as well. 

If you’re a foodie and would like to see how Ultragrain compares to unenriched, unbleached flour and regular whole grain flour, check out the chart on their website showing the two side by side! 

I’m looking forward to representing this exceptional company and being an active participant on their Facebook Page, so head on over there and LIKE it!  We will be doing some contests, a few “ask the RD” chats and other neat things.  You don’t want to miss out on these events!  Make sure you check out their website and where you can buy Ultragrain flour locally.  It’s available in many commercial retail grocery stores all over the country.  Have a question about how to use it?  Leave a comment with your email and I’ll email you with some ideas. 

Do you bake often?  If so, what are your favorite things to bake?  What kind of healthy substitutes do you use when you’re creating your masterpieces?  What types of items would you like to see me try my hand at baking first with these fun new flours? 

Might as well start the action now!!  Share this blog link on your Facebook page or twitter feed and let me know you did so via your comment.  Those that leave a comment about what you did (honor system) will receive one entry for each share.  I’ll give away an Ultragrain Umbrella to one lucky person on approximately February 12th!!  Let the Ultragrain love flow!  Let’s make this year special.  No limits on food, ourselves or what we think we can do!!  What do you say?!  You in?

Kyle said I had to include this picture because in his words "You look jacked".  Well alright then, this one is for you honey :)


Beth said...

Well said! EVERYTHING can fit into a healthy diet - EVERYTHING. This is an often forgotten fact today, it seems. Anyway, congrats on your new sponsorship!!

Haley Chura said...

omg, you do look jacked!!! Congrats!!!