Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things I am loving lately...

I've been on a kick lately.  I'm not sure if it was the recovery week last week, or the little break from traveling all over the world and just training for a bit, but I've been feeling good, loving life and taking LOTS of pictures with my phone!  Guess what, I'm on social media A LOT (are you surprised? I didn't think so).  Just in case you can't get enough of me (insert eye roll here), you can follow me on twitter with my handle @fuelyourpassion, instagram FUELYOURPASSION and of course the Fuel Your Passion Facebook Page is always filled with articles on health, training, nutrition and inspirational quotes about life!  Ok, enough shameless self-promotion!

Sometimes you get a little bored in these periods where you're not racing and you feel like EVERYONE is racing and you are just training, training, oh and some more training.  However, I do like to try and remember that this is when the real work gets done.  You can't race, race, race and expect your fitness to not erode a bit.  Not to mention the recovery that it takes to maintain a serious schedule of racing every 2-4 weeks.  My coach and I discussed the options and decided that it would be a great time to put in a serious block, build to Ironman Lake Placid (7/27) and add a few running races, training triathlons (small, local) and one half (Eagleman 70.3 on 6/8) to be smart and make sure that when I showed up, I was healthy, strong and ready to contend! So, with that said, it's not glamorous, but I put my head down and I go to the grindstone week in and week out!  I'm back into focusing and treating my body really well to try and reap the benefits of all this hard work we've been putting in!  With that said, I thought I would share some of the things I've been loving lately in my life.  I know some of you are foodies, like me, so I look at recipes and try new things often.  I've definitely been stepping out and doing some new things so hopefully you'll find something that peaks your interest and makes you want to try a new healthy dish! 

So, in no particular order, here's my list!
Of course, my Coeur Sports shorts have been getting a lot of use.  Oh how thankful I am for the chamois in these babies!  They are just so comfortable and the "Chinese New Year" kit is one of my favorites!  With as much time as I'm in the saddle right now, these are a lifesaver!
 Loving the fact that we have our garden weeded and ready to be tilled for the spring planting.  We pulled out all the old plants, raked the leaves and got it ready to go.  Planting will occur early June once we are sure the frosts at night are all finished!
Linsey Corbin's Pumpkin Chicken Curry recipe!  Tried it, totally a keeper!  Very hardy, great flavor and I love the fact that it uses pumpkin which is high in beta carotene, fiber and only has 49 calories per cup!  GO pumpkin!
Oh my NormaTec Boots!  They are rocking my world lately!  I also shared the awesomeness with a young athlete who plays lots of basketball and was eager to give them a try!  Mandy was a fan!! Napping in these is pretty much ultimate recovery!

Make ahead breakfasts (but you can eat these for lunch and dinner too!).  Trust me, you cannot go wrong with these cute little egg muffins made with nitrate-free ham!  You can find the recipe HERE and they are not overly labor intensive.  Do spray your muffin tin well as a bit leaked out of the ham and man was it hard to get off! Lesson learned - MORE olive oil spray!
They were so so good!  Enjoy! 

I was about to get a Vitamix, which I hear are A-MAZ-ING, but I just couldn't spend the money so I got this NutriBullet instead.  It's really suiting a lot of my needs and easy peesy to clean and store!  I'm making all kinds of things in it from sweet potato egg muffins to the black bean brownies below!  It's an all star so far!  Nope, not sponsored!  Just love it!
Until our kale is planted and ready, I've been buying the baby kale and it's a nice change from the regular.  If I can, I do buy organic, but not for everything!  Considering I eat salads EVERY day, it's worth it!

Already cut butternut squash!  You can use it for everything, soups, just to grill or saute, whatever!  I've found if it is cut, I will eat it, so darn it, I'm doing it!  Sometimes I just have to pay a little bit more and save myself some work! 

One pot wonders I call them!  I like to make as FEW dishes as possible so recipes like this Tuscan Chicken Skillet are a bit win for me!  I served it over spaghetti squash with a little feta on top and a sweet potato!  Delicious (and it makes a bunch so hellooo, leftovers!).

Are you kidding me!  Little surprises from my friends at Coeur Sports!  They are too much to do this for me.  Made my day! 

My Coeur sweatshirt.  I've been living in it.  It's so soft and fuzzy on the inside and at one point Kyle had to physically take it off me and wash it because I was on like day three!  Whoops!  That's what happens when you work from home! 

Riding my trainer on our dock on nice days!  Easy rides I like to just veg out, read a magazine or look at my phone and go about 55 watts!  This is the perfect setting!

My Rudy Project shades!  They have so many casual styles that I just love and these are just one of them!  I of course love them to train in as well.  I train in the RYDON, but they have plenty of chill styles too!  Bring on summer!
Who can say they don't love brownies!  Well, now you can have them with more fiber and protein with this recipe for Black Bean brownies.  I know, they SOUND gross, but they are actually really tasty!  Give them a try!
 My new Fuelbelt hand held water bottle!  There were a few times last summer where I got out on a long run of 1 hr plus in 85 degrees and thought "you're a dietitian AND professional athlete, you KNOW better sweetheart"!  Well, I am NOT messing around this year!  I will be carrying this on my long runs to get used to it and see which size (they have a smaller version as well) I want to use at Ironman Lake Placid.  I like drinking in between aid stations when I take my gels so this is a nice option.  Plus it has a little carrying zip pack you can put your salt pills in etc.  Pretty sweet!  This is the SLICE (carries 18oz), but I will also try the SPRINT (10oz).

Powerbar's cookie dough performance energy bars are simply unbelievably delicious!  I mean these may be my favorite bar EVER!  They make you feel like you are licking the bowl and getting away with it!  I'm already out so guess who will be ordering more of those yummy goodness!

In summation, life is good.  I'm super tired at times, but hey, that's normal.  I'm thankful for where I am in the season being healthy, pretty motivated and being at home for a bit!  What do you just love and can't live without?  

Disclaimer:  I am an athlete sponsored by Rudy Project, Powerbar, Coeur Sports, Fuelbelt and NormaTec Recovery so some of the products in this post were provided by those sponsors.  However, the opinions shared are 100% my own!  Thanks for reading!


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Love this post Kim, keep on it the positive vibes are contagious!

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