Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Three F's: Coeur Sports Run Short Review

 Fun, functional, fabulous - these are my three F's for the Coeur Running Shorts!

It's been a wonderful year so far as a Coeur Sports sponsored athlete.  The owners and creative team are straight up awesome and it's so good to know they make every product with real athletic women who want to look fabulous AND have highly functional active wear in mind.  There have been multiple opportunities to put them to the test. In fact, I pretty much LIVE in my training clothes.  What I love about the run shorts specifically, is that they are comfortable, cute and I barely notice anything about them when I'm running (which is the point).  

As Ironman Lake Placid training has been in full effect, my longest run of the year brought with it high temps and other challenges.  Luckily, what I was going to wear wasn't one of them.  The choice was easy!  When I look good, I feel good.  The red "Chinese New Year" shorts are probably my favorite! 
The waist band is soft and doesn't ride up.  The material is perfect for wicking sweat on one VERY hot sweaty day and I feel covered, but not hindered, by the undergarment included.  I haven't had any chaffing problems at all even on a 2+ hour long run. 

These shorts were the perfect option for mile after mile of running on country roads. 

 Here's a great view of the waist band from the back and the size small is definitely the right choice for me personally!  I wash them on cold and hang the to dry vs. putting them in the dryer to preserve the elastic as much as possible (i.e. I want them to last forever).

 The double pockets (one on each side) in the back are a great little storage places for gels, money, key or salt tablets.  As the first run short I've ever owned that has this feature, it's made my life MUCH easier!  All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with these shorts, and I am not just saying that as a sponsored athlete.  I'd recommend these shorts to my friends and family regardless.  Sometimes even if I'm just running to the grocery story and want to be comfortable, these shorts have been worn because they are THAT cute!  

This last picture is a good little picture of what I've had to own up to lately as training has ramped up, and at times, and caught up with me!  Thanks to those who have made it through the three tough weeks with me and survived my hangry attitude when I just needed a snack! 

We are on the other side now in the taper and I for one am HAPPY (as is my support team).  Almost time to roll!  Thanks to Coeur Sports for the awesome support this year and for just being fun, thoughtful people who I love interacting with on many levels.  They have so many options, not just running shorts, so make sure you check out all of the different active wear from tri shorts to casual clothes. 

Kebby and Reg, you guys are top notch.  Thank you for allowing me to be on this awesome team of women ripping it up all over the world!

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT review...and I whole heartedly agree with you about Kebby & Reg....they really do care...about the sport, and everyone involved in it. Good Luck in Lake Placid!!