Monday, June 30, 2008

TAG - I'm It! Pass it On!

I sort of cheated because I did read Bree's blog yesterday with this tag (and I wanted to write about my long day of training), and then I read Marit's today, so either way, I better just suck it up and do what a good blogger does - I'm it, so here goes!!


10 Years ago I was… a freshman at Penn State University Main, trying to understand how there could possibly be 1000 people in my Bio class and how I was every going to make it at a school this large. Formerly a good high school student (and a graduate with only 75 other people in my class), I felt lost and un-sure of my ability to do well without even knowing my teacher. I remember telling myself to study hard, and just let the chips fall where they may. The lack of a team atmosphere was also killing me, as I spent most of my young life on cc & track teams. "How would I make it here without being a part of something larger than myself, working toward team goals" I wondered. That's when I decided to try out for the team the following year, and it forever changed the course of my life! Thank God for that!

5 Years ago I was…just starting my career with Super Bakery after passing my Registered Dietitian exam. Kyle and I were broken up and I was trying to piece my life back together without him. I was determined to start fresh with my new job and new life, and heck, even train for my first marathon. The training kept me occupied and that fall I competed in Columbus where I ran well and qualified for Boston. He showed up unexpectedly at the race, and I was hurt, but still happy to see him. He won me back after many nights of talking things through. I knew I didn't want to get back together unless this was it, forever, end of story. Luckily it was, and the rest is history!
Boston 2004
1 Year ago I had...just finished my first half-ironman, Eagleman 70.3, and it really hurt, but I loved every second of it. I was really starting to get the hang of this crazy training and Beth and I were diving head first into Triathlon so we could see just how good we could get. I don't think we've found the answer to that part yet... but I'm enjoying the process. I don't even know if I understood what the Ironman really was before Eagleman, but after that I did... and I knew someday I would do a full. Well, October 11th is that day!

Eagleman 70.3 2007
5 things on my to-do-list today... Do an hour of easying biking after work, eat chicken tetrazini (sooo not spelled right!) that I cooked yesterday, call my husband to see how his first day at his new job back in our home town went, watch our latest netflix - Into the Wild, and start back into my bible in one year book (sooo behind.. I think I'm in like February).

5 places I have lived..

Elmo, PA (so small you couldn't find it if you wanted on a map!)

Shippenville, PA (we moved when I was in 9th grade - 5 miles away)
State College, PA
Baden/Cranberry, PA (current)

6 people I want to have lunch with tomorrow… I'm with Bree on Jesus - wow, I don't think I would ever want that lunch to end, my grandfather (passed in March, missed greatly), my Mom (always need to catch up), my Dad (lives in CA so not nearly enough lunches these days but he IS COMING TO KONA - yippee!), a nameless person that I don't want to put in the blog (sorry!).

5 jobs I have had... Hostess (Foxburg Inn.. in like.. man.. 1999 or something!), Lifeguard (my whole high school summer career), Babysitter, Sports Dietitian (PSU) & my current position - Corporate Dietitian for Super Bakery!

Now, go write yours.. this is fun!!

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