Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Workout Stats!!

There is good news, and then there is good news.

The first good news was we had a wonderful weekend of seeing family, friends and eating lots of picnic food that was delicious! The other good news is my training went extremely well, and there was NO RAIN (shame on me for complaining last week about the weather). I couldn't be more thankful for a great three day weekend and of course the last good news is our septic system is completely functional (mad props to Mr. Rooter!!- you would think they are sponsoring me I've talked about them so much lately!).

Once everything was functioning, flushing and working on Friday, it made my weekend much more enjoyable and I was able to focus on getting ready for my first century ride ever on Saturday.

I rode with a friend from Grove City where we met with bikes loaded and ready to go at 8am. I was well rested after a day off on Friday and ready to rock & roll when we pulled out of the parking lot. To be quite honest, it really wasn't bad at all, and the first 50 miles passed with me barely noticing the miles or the time, but instead focusing on the scenery.

I thought it would be fun to sum it up in stats - so here goes!

1st Century Ride Stats!

Miles Ridden on Saturday - 100.1 (there was some debate since my trip was lower)

Critters that almost got hit by my bike - 3 (rabbit, groundhog & snake - luckily avoided!)

Sunburns - 0 (yes Mom, I do listen... see)

PowerGels eaten - 7 (yep, I'm going to be eating pounds and pounds of this stuff this summer)

Water Bottles Drank - 6, 24oz bottles, one per hour

Ride Time - 5:32

Time out with potty breaks & water fill ups - 6:00

Average miles per hour - 18.3

Average cadence (for you bike geeks) - 85 (which I was happy with, high = good)

Average Heart Rate - 145 (also good, see coach, I listen!!)

Towns Visited (quickly) - Grove City, Mercer, Greenville, Pymotuming (wow.. can't spell!)

States Visited (quickly) - Ohio (yes, my first interstate ride)

Calories burned - 2500 (wow..! Not sure I ate that back in picnic food)

Bugs Eaten - 2

Bathroom Stops - 2 (not counting me peeing behind the car before we started)

So, that about sums up my day on Saturday. I actually felt so good around 87 miles I decided to kick it back into town a little (without going over my heart rate zone) and see what I still had left in my legs. My partner was having a hard time hanging on, but we made it!

Kyle and I then headed to Clarion (my hometown) for a picnic with my family!

On Sunday I ran my 2:20 long run and my legs were a bit sore when I started. They continued to feel a bit tired, and it was hot, but I kept pressing on and finished 15 miles around 2 hrs. 13 mins.

We are working hard on our house right now in order to sell it in the next couple of months. We did plenty of raking, shoveling, and planting yesterday to attempt to make it prettier on the outside!

All in all, it was a great weekend and I was encouraged by the great ride & run. I just saw I have 5:30 riding + 30 mins of running next weekend, Ironman training, here we come!

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