Friday, July 4, 2008

Pump, Baby, Pump!!!

So, Mr. Rooter is here. Thank God for Mr. Rooter. I am hoping in one fell swoop of the micro-scrubber, we can get this problem solved and in the process figure out where our septic tank is located (something we have never known since we bought the house two years ago). Since we will be selling it this year, it is important to know these things (that's what the husband tells me!).

Anyway, it is also important not to have poop in your basement when you try and sell it, the smell immediately gives it away that it's down there. You walk in expecting to smell lysol and flower, whoopps.. nope.. you get poop.

Ok.. I've been blogging way too much about poop lately, I'm sorry. It's just that it's pretty much all I think about these days. I had to go to the BP today, just to make a bathroom stop and all I could think of is.. is this what my world has come to??

For a small fortune, today, Mr. Rooter will hopefully work a miracle down there with this machine (which is very loud by the way, and scary since I kinda know what it is doing & you couldn't pay me 100,000 per year to be Mr. Rooter).

In the mean time, I am taking my usual Friday off from training, completely, which I love and I'm about to make an Angel Lush Cake for our 4th of July party back in Clarion today. There will be lots of great food, a live band, fireworks and a port-a-potty, which is better than what we have right now!!

I plan on eating myself to Bolivia so that I can get some fuel for the ride tomorrow. Well, maybe not quite to Bolivia, but I do love home cooked food & desserts so this is my kind of picnic.

I'll let you know how it turns out with Mr. Rooter. I also pray you never have these types of problems, but the fact of the matter is, at some point in your life, you probably will. When that day comes, you will realize just how thankful we should be that we you can flush, and never see it again!

Here's to Mr. Rooter... pump, baby, pump.

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